The Femitokon Series is future-fi episodic about the struggles of a middle-aged government operative named Sofita Kul. Inside her body is a phasic-armor called the Femitokon Shell, that enables her near invincibility and offers a wide array of defenses. Problems start when the Shell begins communicating with her using the voice and of its previous host, her dead twin, Fusada Kul.

Compounding Sofita’s situation is the coming ascension of the Tenth Ramaxian Gen. Sofita is disinterested in ascending, and while she is slated to take control of Ramaxia, her homicidal maker, Primary Fusa Kul, would just as soon kill her then step down. Along for the mayhem are those destined to rule with Sofita: Laxum JyrPitana DagEppis BantoVelto Wram, and Fyla Uym; each has a maker on the ruling Committee, and like their Primary, they’ve no intention of handing over their power.

Femitokon.com is a free compendium to the Series. 


So what’s the difference between a Series Bible and a Series Compendium?

A series-bible in its natural state is unreadable to everyone except the writer. It’s got bad grammar, struck-through notes, and crude (often unlicensed) images. It’s an endless cycle of telling over showing that gains and loses weight, as the writer composes the series. It contains the lives of the main characters and bios for supporting characters, and minor recurring players. It’s got unrealized concept art, detailed descriptions of things and places, and a concise timeline of events that may or may not end up in the series.

The Femitokon Compendium is presented in wiki-style format on an easy to read blog platform. The Compendium establishes the world, and the players in it. As a writer with a background in comics, I’m visually motivated, and while my bible contains artwork not licensed for the series, the compendium displays only the art of select characters and some geographical maps. Category-Header links are located in the sidebar at right; social media things are located below.

Femitokon.com updates with each new episode, and spoilers do appear as the story progresses; fear not, there will always be spoiler-warnings about updated content.

Art Credits
Character Concept art by Amelie Belcher
Sofita in Marquee is by Daniel Hurtado
Background Stock is by Harryarts / Freepik


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