Suffocation Novel Announcement


Suffocation (episodes 1 – 3) will be available where eBooks are sold on 8/31. If you’re interested in the series but don’t want to subscribe, then feel free to check out Sofita’s debut mission. The price is $6.99 at online retailers. Keep in mind that if you subscribe to (or the Patreon account) you’d only be paying $2 an episode!

Subscribers & Patrons can access the novel using this month’s access Password for Episodes 4 through 9 – and you will continue to have access for as long as you patronize. I know you read it already so what’s different? Higher scale edits, of course, and if you’re a Kindle user you can side-load the AZW file right into your Books tab so that Suffocation is in there with all your other eBook purchases from Amazon. For non-Kindle users there’s a PDF version available in the ePub zip folder.

I want to thank those of you that continue to support me. Your funds are paying for cover art and ads-free hosting for

Upcoming Arc: Tribal Warfare


Tribal Warfare is the next arc in Femitokon, and we’re going to meet some new characters. One is the Femarctic male Caro Cristi. He’s been a narrative specter at this point–a Ninth Gen male sought by Fusada when she was still alive. Caro’s many sons are hunted by Sofita and the Femitokon Division.

Caro was the father of Pym Zhang, the Jungwanian geneticist who created our villains in the Suffocation arc. A male Zaxir, Caro’s an overtly sexual being who fathered many hybrid children among the human populace.

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