Femarctic Culture

Femarctic culture encompasses a variety of societal and individual pursuits that define the femmar as an enlightened species. Pan-cultural institutions are the arts, architecture, cuisine, fashion, and sports. The femmar have a variety of expressions despite their limited geographical scale, and lack of demographic diversity; castes experience things differently and express themselves in varied ways. Creative themes vary due to generational differences. They can be moderate, conservative, or liberal; most notable being scientific and academic competitiveness, political issues, material, and moral elements, comedy, and parody, erotic and romantic, dramatic and suspenseful, horrific and fantastical, historical or modern.

The Tenth and Eleventh Gens are more connected culturally than any previous generation before them, due to the advent of the Filmark, and the constant flow of accessible information, via the interHive.

Femarctic Culture Masterlist

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