Ramaxian World Oceans

Ramaxian World Oceans is the largest military organization in the 23rd-century world, and there are three branches: Polar Fleet (Fleet), Polar Air Command (PAC), and the Citizens Guard (Guardia).

The headquarters of the Polar Fleet and Polar Air Command are in Orta Main. Marix donations arrive at the age of eight and are raised to protect continental Ramaxia, acquiring station or rank at the age of eighteen. Fleet and PAC officers, pejoratively called Fleet Meat, serve the citizenry in a variety of ways on the surface, or at sea. Surface Operational officers serve on marine cyborgs designed to operate as vessels or live on bases between the poles. Elite officers trained to act as operatives in Sorority of Defense are called Divisional. World Oceans also employs a civilian roster of Hizaki, Bizaki, and Subaki, to serve and support in administrative, domestic, medical, and scientific vocations.

The Citizen’s Guard is a transitional branch of World Oceans that falls under the authority of the Guardia Committee. Cit-Guards, or Guardia, from the Ramaxi word guardul (killer-whale), enforce the law by deterring, rehabilitating, or punishing, citizens who violate the rules and norms that govern continental Ramaxia. Guardia staff isolation units, and directly engage in patrols or surveillance.

The Commanding Prime of World Oceans is the ruling Primary, to whom all Marixi swear allegiance. The Prime Chair maintains World Oceans peacetime. Under the current administration of the Ninth Ramaxian Gen, the armed forces promote Ramaxia’s wider security interests, but limit diplomatic and trading relations to select Helovx-Nations; World Oceans forbids any service member from actively participating in the political, or military affairs, of any helovx-nation.