Kyrsol Harvesting

The Femati first harvested raw kyrsol from the planet’s outer core during the Sturtian Glaciation of the Cryogenian Era. Kyrsol venting occurs naturally within Ramaxicon’s mantle, and the Femati developed a means of cutting through the planet’s sphere-shelves to punch artificial holes in the mantle and access its raw kyrsol. Ripping into the world’s crust would come to affect the Femati’s subglacial environment adversely. A century before their extinction, the Femati replicated the planet’s natural kyrsol via cold fusion and called this energy kyrsal. The Femaki`xirpaxul, created by the Femati, ran on hundreds of spheres of kyrsal until she condensed the energy, creating single kyrsat-sphere. The femmar would eventually access this sphere and cipher from it until developing a form of energy called kyron.

Used for a myriad of life-sustaining and transport technologies, Kyron-Sphere Farms exist in caverns throughout Western Ramaxia. Kyron Spheres engineered from kyrsat weren’t powerful enough to sustain the energy needed for off-world travel.

The advent of the Orbital Sphere Engine, which runs on raw kyrsol, enabled the femmar to travel long distances in space without the need for refueling. Since 2200, kyrsol for the purpose of powering OSE’s has been harvested from Igitat Three (h. Challenger Deep – Mariana Trench), and Igitad Prime (h. Litke Deep). It has been used to successfully power stellar vessels Dag I, to Suvaxicon II (Enceladus), and the Woxidag III, to Ramarixicon II (Europa).

KYRSOL2Harvesting kyrsol from the planet’s outer core is a perilous enterprise. Since it began, there has been two accidents resulting in the loss of Femarctic life. Igitat Secondary (h. Milwaukee Deep – Puerto Rico Trench), one of the first siphoning-centers, had operated two years before an earthquake compromised the structural integrity of the siphoning point, destroying the center, and killing 188 citizens.

In 2207, Tenth Gen energist Ergal Jakix designed a new safety protocol to allow for the manual shutdown of essential entry-ports, should energy migration-tunnels become compromised. The Ninth Gen instituted her improvements in the centers of Igitat Three and Igitat Prime.

In 2211, the siphoning plug at the Kyrsol Containment Sphere Center ignited when oxygen got into the migration-tunnel connecting KCSC to a siphoning plug at Igitat Prime. Jakix had been forced to enact her safety protocols by venturing down to the compromised migration tunnel and cutting off the KCSC entry port by hand. Her actions saw the destruction of only the siphoning-plug zone, migration-tunnel, and the entry port; the explosion killed Jakix, along with 15 engineers, energists, and guards. Igitat Prime remained intact and the hundreds of citizens stationed there, safe.