First Draft Complete


I finished the first draft of Subversive Helovxis (Humanitarianism) and the story moved away from Tavo Ex helping humans and became all about the friendship turned rivalry of Fuzo Dox and Styba Balru. There’s a subplot involving Nephis Uym, a young Femarctic male who abducts Laxum Jyr thus forcing Sofita Kul to end her medical leave to deal with it. I’ve also delved into Sofita’s guilt over the demise of Zixas Wram.

I’ve got so much going on with this manuscript. We’ll see how much editing occurs after the second draft pass, but I’m already adding scenes – so who knows.

I had planned to begin superior-edits on Episodes 4-8 (Tactical Pursuits/Internal Vision) for an upcoming collected release. It’s slow going as I’ve been writing Subversive H. Will focus on reading through it this weekend to fix any structural fuglies in the prose.

As you all know there won’t be a new episode this month and I’m shooting for an end of November release for the next episode – I hope you like Styba Balru because she turns into a major player by the end of the series.