Kyron Spheres

KYRON1.pngAfter raw kyrsat proved unstable in oxygen-rich environments, Second-Gen physicist Tak Nux, created an elongated cylinder shaped conduit called a kyr-coil. The kyr-coil super condensed kyrsat matter, converting it into a controllable energy called Kyron. Used in everything from weapons to glide-vehicles and handheld communicators, kyron remains the standard in the semiconductor field and is the primary source of energy throughout Ramaxia.

Kyron-Sphere Farms exist in caverns throughout Western continent. The subterranean tunnels once used by the Ramaxian Artery now carry kyron-energy from these sphere farms to the domes in the east. Kyron is also utilized by a variety of fields, from surgical lasers to fleet armaments. It powers energy grids, atmospheric shells, and sustains the life force of Femtrux and the Collective.