Ramaxian Government

The Cloisax’Ramax is a two-body system overseen by a third, with chosen officials representing the citizenry and a hereditary oligarchy controlling national interests.

The Ruling Platform consists of a Primary and her Committee of Five; they share power with the Citizenry-Chamber, a group of region-specific representatives democratically elected from each of Ramaxia’s cities. These two sides convene every ninety days in the Cloister, located in central Utama, where the Sernatae oversees the parliamentary procedure.

Femtrux designates a generational line of hereditary succession for the Ruling Platform, for recognition by the Collective. Ancestral eligibility does not apply to the Citizenry-Chamber; only a Mynu-issued degree in Ramaxian Governance is mandatory. Due to this requirement, Citizenry-Chamber ranks contain mostly Hizaki, with a few Bizak exceptions; there has never been a MarixSubak, or Zaxir in the Citizenry-Chamber.

The maximum term for a Ruling Platform’s Generational Rule had been 25 years, but due to reproductive issues in the Sixth Generational era, the Cloisax’Ramax voted to enact longer terms. In 2187, the Ninth Generational Ruling Platform amended the Articles of Citizenry, with the unanimous support of a Ninth-Gen dominated Chamber, to double the Generational Rule’s duration to 45 years.