The Femmar are a single-gendered genetically engineered species of dominant hominids, descended from the Femati, an advanced form of bipedal hominid that thrived along the southeastern coast of the Famarixicon (Rhodinia) supercontinent, over 700 million years ago, during the Cryogenian Period. They reside beneath the ice of the southern polar continent Ramaxia, and are referred to by helovx as “Antarctican,” (the helovx term ‘farc’ is considered a slur); they refer to themselves as ‘Femmar,’ and inter-socially as ‘Citizen.’

The Femmar have the same higher-level thought processes as helovx: self-awareness, rationality, and sapience. Interactions have led to a variety of rules, values, culture, social and sexual norms, which together form the basis of Femarctic society. The Femmar physically thrive in extreme conditions, between the poles, and in space, but prefer life below the ice. Unlike helovx, the femmar do not require daily sleep.

The Femmar do not reproduce via parthenogenesis. Instead, they design genotypes using methods of DNA construction acquired from the technology of their ancestors. The process of caste implementation occurs at the embryonic stage; there are five castes: Hizaki, Bizaki, Subaki, Zaxiri, and Marixi. Production of offspring, called donations, happens in strictly scheduled outputs; the years between these outputs have varied since their genesis. Family life revolves around the raising of donations until they are at an age where they leave home to train with their own castes.

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