The Femitokon Series is future-fi episodic about the private and dynastic struggles of a middle-aged operative named Sofita Kul. Inside her body is a phasic-armor called the Femitokon Shell, that enables her near invincibility and offers a wide array of defenses. Problems arise for Sofita when the Shell begins communicating in the voice of its previous host, her dead twin, Fusada Kul.

Sofita is slated to take Fusada’s place and lead the Tenth Generation toward ascension, but her homicidal maker, Primary Fusa Kul, would just as soon kill Sofita before handing over control of Ramaxia. Joining Sofita are those destined to rule with her: Laxum JyrPitana DagEppis BantoVelto Wram, and Fyla Uym; each has a maker on the ruling Committee, and like the Primary, they’ve no intention of handing over their power.


Femitokon.com is a free compendium to the Series

Femitokon.com (the series compendium) updates with free content with each new episode release. Spoilers do appear as the story progresses; fear not, there will always be spoiler-warnings about updated content.

Episodes are by subscription only. As a patron you pay $2 a month for monthly episode installments (about 20k-25K words) plus a host of extras. Subscribe now and you’ll have access to episodes 1 – 8. You may cancel at any time.

Episodes appear at Patreon, or at this site via Paypal/Visa Subscription.

Art Credits
Character Concept art by Amelie Belcher
Promotional & Cover Arts by Daniel Hurtado
Background Stock is by Harryarts / Freepik

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