Femitokon is on indefinite hiatus.

I’ve written many episodes, but my desire to edit them died in the face of low readership. No one wants to keep working on something no one is reading. The situation depressed me greatly since investments were made to create the characters, the bible, and market the work.

Donations dropped off dramatically after Tactical Pursuits, so I closed links at Ko-Fi and Paypal. Making the series free brought new readers, but not enough to mentally sustain my drive to keep posting episodes. Royal Road was a mistake; the audience there is young and into RPGs – one commenter claimed Femitokon was too complicated. ☹ Sorry, dude.

I moved a portion of the series to Tapas, which brought more crickets. 0_0 My BL web novel is doing well with readership, so my writing skills aren’t the problem. I hate it when a project fails. It feels like you’ve fallen in some way.

Perhaps I’ll revive Femitokon if interest rekindles.