Suffocation Novel Announcement


Suffocation (episodes 1 – 3) will be available where eBooks are sold on 8/31. If you’re interested in the series but don’t want to subscribe, then feel free to check out Sofita’s debut mission. The price is $6.99 at online retailers. Keep in mind that if you subscribe to (or the Patreon account) you’d only be paying $2 an episode!

Subscribers & Patrons can access the novel using this month’s access Password for Episodes 4 through 9 – and you will continue to have access for as long as you patronize. I know you read it already so what’s different? Higher scale edits, of course, and if you’re a Kindle user you can side-load the AZW file right into your Books tab so that Suffocation is in there with all your other eBook purchases from Amazon. For non-Kindle users there’s a PDF version available in the ePub zip folder.

I want to thank those of you that continue to support me. Your funds are paying for cover art and ads-free hosting for