Site Update: 11/21/21

Illustrated charts have been added to the Femarctic Anatomy page, as well as individual caste pages; I hope they answer those reader questions about “vaginal specifics” 😆 About the eyes and feet – Femarctic eyes are still black, and the feet have a central big toe – I didn’t relate this to the artist so this is 100% my bad – Tina

Art by Daniel Hurtado

Site Updates 11/4/21

Deleted Scenes at have been updated with two cuts from Tactical Pursuits. A deleted third scene featuring Ilo and Velto won’t be available until more readers know of Ilo’s situation at arc’s end. December begins the first draft clean-up of episodes 9-12 (Tribal Warfare arc). The goal is to have these episodes to the editor before Spring.

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