Femarctic Sexuality

Sex is a healthy and important part of Femarctic society, and socio-sexual maturity occurs at or around, age thirteen. Youthful instruction ensures safe practices prevail, even during the breeding castes twentieth year, when sex amongst the castes is at its most unbridled.

Common Sexual Activity

  • Group encounters, or encounters involving three to four participants, is the norm.
  • Though frequent, one-on-one sexual encounters are considered salacious.
    • Continuous one-on-one encounters with the same citizen are stigmatized.
  • Solitary masturbation is employed throughout a citizen’s life and self-pleasure is an integral part of group encounters involving Hizaki.
  • Sex occurs on an erotic couch, a large round waterproof piece of furniture that resembles bedding used by helovx. Most residences come with a private room that is reserved for the erotic couch, while bluzsh and garden-clubs carry multiple couches that are sanitized daily.

Rules and Defined Values

All Femmar engage in non-sexual displays of affection, like kissing on the hands, lips, and face, or hugging. Bizaki most often display physical gestures of kindness within their caste, as do Subaki and Zaxiri.

  • Internal-caste taboos placed on non-sexual displays exist among Hizaki (though they embrace socially, Hizaki do not kiss in public, not even their bonded spouses); Marixi do not kiss or hug one another, nor do they engage (or admit to engaging) their caste, sexually.  

Non-sexual nudity outside the home, paxicol, or bluzsh, is taboo. Bizaki and Marixi tend to be nude around one another non-sexually, in World Oceans vocations, and semi-private or indoor social situations; Hizaki are never naked around each other unless hibernating or in the atmosphere of the bluzsh. Zaxiri expose themselves via revealing clothes, while Subaki never appear nude in public or wear revealing attire. A Subak is naked only when bathing, hibernating, engaging in sexual intimacy.

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