Helovx Nations

Helovx Nations are governments formed between the poles in geo-safe areas with populations large enough to utilize trade with one another, and Ramaxia (regarding the formation of governments – see The Dark Years and the Age of Diplomacy)

  • The Jungwa Collective, in continental Yazhou
  • Eurislam Orthodoxy of the African Trisect
  • Brasilia, on the island continent of South America
  • The North American Union in North America
  • The Unified Tribes of the Aotearoa on Aotearoa
  • The Slavic Empire on Uralskey Island



Yazhou (Asia)
Population: 4,003 as of 2225

African Trisect (Africa)
Population: 3,060, as of 2225

North America (North America)
Population: 2,097 as of 2225

Brasilia (South America)
Population: 1,825 as of 2225

Helovx of No Nation (Worldwide)
Counted Population Approximate: 1,700

Aotearoa (New Zealand)
Population: 1,514 as of 2225

Uralsky Island (The Ural Mountains)
Population: 952 as of 2225

Population: 0 as of 2225
There are no helovx left in continental Australia.