Femitokon began as a monthly sci-fi serial on Patron in 2017, before moving to quarterly first-draft releases at WordPress. The first collections debuted at Gumroad until enough money was made to hire a professional editor for official light-novel releases.

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EPISODES 1 – 3 (Collected 12/2020)

SuffocationThe scifi web series Femitokon begins with its first collected release, the Original English Light-Novel, Suffocation. After the death of a suspected Ramaxian-hybrid geneticist, Sorority of Defense operative Sofita Kul must determine if the deceased man dabbled in Femarctic bio-sciences.

Author: Tina Anderson
Illustrator: Daniel Hurtado 

EPISODES 4 – 8  (Collected 8/2021)

23rd Century Earth is now Ramaxicon, and its dominant species are the southern polar Femmar. In this first full-length novel from the Femitokon Series, agent Sofita Kul must extract ‘frenemy’ Velto Wram and her wife from the sinister clutches of the Slavic Empire. In Ramaxia, politician Eppis Banto lays the groundwork for the Tenth Generation’s ascension to power.


EPISODES 9 – 14 (Ongoing 2022)
Tribal Warfare Arc

9780974419572thumbThe Femitokon Series continues as Kul and Dox travel to North America’s wasteland to terminate the insane hybrid Utahraptor Sil. Meanwhile, back home in Ramaxia, the ambitious Obiz Banto hopes to serve as Cloister Aid for the newly elected Velto Wram.

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