In Dubol of 2100, Second Gen geneticists Bulata Kul and Geeza Uym, and scientists Jix Wram and Tib Banto engineered self-sustaining tissue from the organic remains of the technopathic lifeform, the Femaki’xirpaxul. Programmers Vux Brigitat, Ilo Ukel, and Pita Gizul developed an adaptable bioware based on the operative psionics of the Femaki’xirpaxul, originally created by the ancient Femati. When the engineered tissue fused with the bioware, neural tissue began to develop around a large hyperboloid kyr-coil designed to feed it energy. Five days later, physical growth slowed and energy consumption tripled.

On the fiftieth day, the lifeform introduced herself as Femtrux. Expanding her biomatter around the hyperboloid kyr coil she transformed the coils unconsumed kyron energy into a massive self-sustaining kyron-sphere; this freed her from being supplied power by the femmar. On Yubol 18, 2100, Femtrux synced with the inorganic networks made dormant after the disconnect of the Femaki’xirpaxul, and took psionic control of all Ramaxia’s operative systems.

After the hibernation of 2100, Femtrux requested the removal of five pounds of her neural tissue. Project leaders did as she requested, and from these cells, the hives of the Collective were born. Unlike her predecessor Femtrux exercised delegation and instituted accountability; in time, Femtrux proved a safer alternative to the Femakixirpaxul.