Caste Center

A Caste Center is a residential institution devoted to the care of donations whose makers have not claimed them, nor do they have any citizens registered to collect them. Staffed exclusively by Subaki, Bizaki, and Hizaki, each facility is a caring and vital part of the citizenry because it a tends to a donation’s emotional and formative care, from the time they are born, until the age they leave for caste training.

Caste-Centers built throughout the domes, comprise of five distinct buildings clustered and connected around a central open air space. Four of the buildings are residential; each building houses a separate caste. Donations spend their formative years mixed-caste, and their adolescence confined to their own caste; this formula is why the femmar have a relatively peaceful adult society. The fifth building is a day care and socialization center where youngsters of all castes come together on a daily basis.

Donational age citizens raised in a caste-center learn traditional pod culture from caregivers teaching them that those in their developmental-clutch are their sibox. A minority of late-arrivals come to the caste center after the death of genetic maker or when the pod that created them endures a bond-break (divorce) following their birth. A citizen raised in a caste-center can learn of her makers after acquiring citizenship status, when she can legally access her genetic pedigree from the Citizens Catalog.

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