Femarctic Males

Strict gestational schedules regulated political balance until geneticists of the Fifth Ramaxian Gen created the Femarctic-Male, in 2126. The inclusion of males within the Sixth Ramaxian Gen gave rise the free-birth era that began when the Sixth reached sexual maturity. Political and social turmoil reigned until the passing of the Balanced Citizenry Act, in 2187.

After the first clutch of males had been born, Fifth-Gen geneticists discovered that four out of ten newborns lacked an identifiable caste-designation. Males had been engineered no different than their female counterparts, but unlike them, they continued to develop beyond their base design, while in utero. The males of the Sixth-Gen were not as environmentally robust, and because of this, could access portions of their brain that no female could; this intricate brain usage was said to have developed in response to their weaker physical state.

Sixth Gen males could meditate so deeply that they could forgo hibernation. Free-Born males of the disenfranchised Seventh-Gen weren’t able to meditate this deep while awake; hibernate-meditation afforded them the ability to connect with one another in a subconscious realm similar to the plain of consciousness belonging to the Collective. Males of the scheduled and free-born Ninth could do more than communally meditate; they had the ability to sense the emotions of others. When Tenth-Gen newborn males displayed an ability to alter the mood of the citizens around them, then Secondary-Chair of the Generational Production Department, Wox Banto, decreed that males posed a threat to the citizenry.

The Tenth Gen contained a higher number of males with diagnosed caste-designation disorder, and efforts to retrain them, as done with males of the Sixth, Seventh, and Ninth, proved futile.

Banto theorized that those born freely among the Tenth-Gen were the most dangerous and projected that with each new generation, the Femarctic-Male would evolve to acquire dangerous levels of parapsychological awareness and psionic ability on par with the Collective.

Femarctic Males