Surface Quarantine

At the mouth of what was once the Amundsen Sea, the Surface Quarantine Center serves as a temporary facility to house helovx women that pose a social, political, or health risk, to the Citizenry. In essence, it is a prison.

Any woman found to be in violation of rules regarding the theft of technology or medicine, suspected of being a spy, or carrying an illness that physicians cannot cure, is sent to one of this facilities 60 housing cells. Here they remain until their government sends someone to retrieve them. Helovx males abandoned at Port Antarctica face termination at the SQC, by order of the Second Office, Lekada Wram.

Office of Helovx Advocacy – Surface Quarantine

  • Prime of Surface Quarantine
    • CM2 Lekada Wram (9th Gen/Hizak)
  • Surface Quarantine Central Control
    • Doctor Ixal Ras (9th Gen/Hizak)
  • Quarantine Command
    • Prime Promad Odax Itat (9th Gen/Marix)
  • ISO Detainment Corps
    • Prime Komad Dyb Wygz (9th Gen/Marix)
  • Gardul Battalion Quarantine Command
    • Pod Promad Calzto Perkad (9th Gen/Marix)
  • Surface Operational Detachment
    • Prime Komad Daka Kil (9th Gen/Marix)
      • Bakiprime Deltad Polvix (10th Gen/Marix)
        • PAC Goryum