Surface Medical

The Surface Medical Center, or SMC, is located above and beneath the water, on what was once the helovx settlement of Faraday. It is the second stop for any woman with clearance to leave Port Antarctica. It houses a state of the art medical facility that was once open to all helovx sick with illness before the ascension of the Ninth Gen. Under the administration of the Second Office, Lekada Wram, the only helovx allowed are official diplomatic personnel or employees of corporations doing business with Ramaxia.

The Center’s purpose is to train women for life on the ocean floor. After passing their physical exams and depth trials, they go one to live as Ambassadors, or corporate liaisons, in the coveted seafloor community Ramaxia Primada (Base 13).

Office of Helovx Advocacy – Surface Medical

  • Prime of Surface Medical
    • CM2 Lekada Wram (9th Gen/Hizak)
  • Secondary of Surface Medical
    • CM5 Wox Dag (9th Gen/Bizak)
  • Prime of Helovx Holistics
    • Doctor Yuli Ex (9th Gen/Hizak)
  • Prime of Helovx Marine
    • Doctor Uli Holix (9th Gen/Bizak)
  • Prime of Helovx Resources
    • Advocate Resitat Wex (10th Gen/Subak)
  • Surface Medical Gardul Battalion
    • Podpromad Laxum Ras
  • Surface Operational Detachment
    • Prime Komad Daka Kil
      • Bakiprime Deltad Polvix
        • PAC Goryum