Antarctica City

Antarctica City is the helovx name opted by the citizenry for the Ramax Yukat`wagidol (Ramaxian Import/Export Center) (ram-aks | yuk-aht-wag-ee-doll). Civilian and enlisted citizens call it, the AC. It is a surface and submerged deep-water seaport specializing in the trade of raw materials, and to a lesser extent, containerized manufactured products. The AC is one of the busiest ports in the 23rd-century world, and it is the brightest city on Ramaxicon.

Antarctica City’s largest exports are tharspin (tightly regulated since the ascendance of the Ninth Gen), and Tharxian Coal. Ramaxia exports far more than it imports, due to having an abundance of rare-earth metals, and natural resources, needed by helovx. Another significant export is freshwater sealed in dirtoxian-glass (helovx value the glass over the water). The other main exports are the rare-earth elements of Light Aluminum, Lanthanum, Cerium, Praseodymium, Neodymium, Promethium, Europium, Gadolinium, Dysprosium, Thulium, and Lutetium.

Restrictions on exports involve technology and medicine. Strict regulations exist to ensure no helovx visitor leaves the AC with even frivolous tech like filmarks, axico, duxpak, or bivels. Also forbidden are medicines and vaccines, as well as genetically engineered animals, plants, or purifiers.

Major imports are convenience foods like salted chips (crisps), candy, gum, and carbonated beverages. Additional imports are beer, spirits, and printed entertainment (mainly illegal helovx pornography); despite the existence of laws against engaging in sexual activity with helovx, many bluzsh in the AC solicit and service helovx women.

In the era of the Sixth Gen, the smuggling of helovx males to Antarctica City ran unchecked until the time of the Ninth. Helovx males in a Ninth Gen dominated AC had endured assault or risked death if cast aside by a citizen that had procured them. The AC has since entered into a time of Tenth-Gen control, and many discarded males are collected and placed on outbound helovx ships, instead of being turned over to Surface Quarantine for termination.

Third Office of the Committee
Ramax Yukat`wagidol

  • Prime of the Ramax Yukat`wagidol
    • CM3 Rasa Jyr (9th Gen/Hizak)
  • Custodian of the Ramax Yukat`wagidol
    • Veltx Acari (10th Gen/Hizak)
  • Prime of Citizenry Export
    • Pik Tol (10th Gen/Bizak)
  • Second of Citizenry Export
    • Yuli Tegal (10th Gen/Bizak)
  • Prime of Commercial Export
    • Axito Dox (10th Gen/Bizak)
  • Prime of Commercial Import
    • Rodat Ras (10th Gen/Hizak)
  • Prime of Credit and Expenditures
    • Tux Brigitat (9th Gen/Hizak)
  • Prime of Helovx Resources
    • Advocate Bulat Jaxik (10th Gen/Hizak)
  • Antarctica City Gardul Battalion
    • Pod Promad Zig Ulat (9th Gen/Marix)
  • Surface Operational Detachment
    • Prime Promad Cruzo Su (10th Gen/Marix)
      • Sorority of Defense Fleet Corps
    • Prime Komad Tux Tol (9th Gen/Marix)
      • Terminal Sabotage Antarctica City
    • Prime Komad Daka Kil
      • Bakiprime Deltad Polvix
        • PAC Goryum