Tharspin, or ‘Antarctican Steel,’ is an alloy that consists mostly of an iron-oxide called tharspaxi that is found nowhere else on the planet, except Ramaxia*. The carbon content of tharspaxi is between 0.3% and 3.1% by weight, depending on the grade, and is the single alloying material for tharspin.

  • Ramax Gen geologists speculated that the ore found in igneous rocks rich in augite originated on the vast volcanic plateau of Tharso, the planet helovx call, Mars. The plateau dubbed ‘Tharsis’ by helovx astronomers is how tharspaxi earned its name, and in the 20th Century, helovx discovered trace amounts of it in the bedrock of ‘Antarctica,’ remnants of Martian meteorite debris.

The femmar found the first traces of tharspaxi in the Vosk Mountains, in Yulitat of 2023. Parsing smelting methods found in one of the Femakixirpaxul’s databases, Bizaki leaders Pekada, Ilogwo, Uymdak, Dizukel, Yawramx, Dubgax, and Haluxikon, divided all 64,000 of their caste-sisters into groups with the goal of finding more. Upon discovery of a large cache in the Ramax`takal Mountains, Bizak subject Wygzitat created tharspin by developing an oxygen converter process similar to the method developed by the helovx to make steel.

Carbon-rich molten tharsp (produced from smelting tharspaxi with a high-carbon fuel) has oxygen forced through it, to lower the carbon content of the alloy, creating malleable low-carbon tharspin. Under the leadership of Wygzitat, and Haluxikon, the femmar built two tharspaxi mills in Ixax of 2024. Power to run the mills came from lava flow found in the southernmost Ramax’takal Range.

Refining tharspaxi to create tharspin expedited the laying of a thirty-mile-long magnetic track on a hollowed out and drained tunnel that become the Ramaxian Artery.

  • Helovx-nations are unaware of large scale Ramaxian mining throughout the Tharsis Rise, in the western hemisphere of Mars. Harvested tharspaxi, sent to the covert Kulixa Station, in continental Australia, is shipped raw to Antarctica City, where it is then delivered to the mills of the Pikalit Triad.

RAMAXIDOL (The Femarctic Era)