Prime Lab

Geneticists of the Prime Lab are responsible for the maintenance of the Collective, and the development of genetically modified organisms that feed and serve citizenry. Founded by first subjects Uymras and Myanu, the first offices of the Prime Lab were constructed on Toks Island, around a replica of the Femaki’xirpaxul’s genetic-harvester.

After its networks were deemed satisfactory by the Femaki’xirpaxul, the life form synced with the Lab’s operational core and in 2026, Recycling began. In 2027, geneticists led by Uymras, undertook the first patch collection, and from those DNA samples developed a batch of viable diploid cells. Despite Uymras’ unethical behavior (see the Lonely Time), subject Fusofitakil decreed the Uymras and her Hizaki retain responsibility for the developmental phase of donational production. (Zaxiri and Subaki oversaw patch design and the implantation and health of the Zaxiri). Separate labs were built to accommodate the breeding casts entry into generational production, and these would come to be known as the Zaxiri College and the Generational Production Department.

In the era of the Fifth-Gen, the Prime Lab developed a male of the species. The Femarctic-Male led to the Free-Birth Era, a time marked by political, social, and generational, imbalance. In 2187, after Secondary Chair of the GPD, Wox Dag, ascended to the Fifth Office of the Committee, she legally seized control of the GPD, and severed the Prime Lab from any authority over it.


  • Prime Chair: Riba Wygz (9th Gen) (Hizak)
    • Secondary Chair
      • Dr. Fyla Uym (10th Gen) (Bizak)
    • Inorganics Division Prime
      • Wix Ukel (9th Gen) (Hizak)
    • Organics Division Prime
      • Dr. Wibr Ateel (9th Gen) (Hizak)
    • Biologics Prime
      • Dr. Vaniav Su (10th Gen) (Hizak)
    • Viral Division Prime
      • Dr. Axil Relo (10th Gen) (Hizak)
    • GPD Liaison
      • Dr. Hib Perkad (10th Gen) (Zaxir)

Prime Lab Offices

  • Primada Offices – Udax Square, Toxis Prime
    • Lifeform Development Prime
      • Obuz Campus, Toxis Prime
    • Sustainable Transgenics Prime
      • Obuz Campus, Toxis Prime
    • Generational Production Liaison
      • Obuz Campus, Toxis Prime
    • Career Resource Center
      • Obuz Campus, Toxis Prime
    • Mynu Campus – Kirtux Square, Mynu
      • Prime Lab Educational Annex
    • Prime Lab Pika’takal Campus
      • Port Taxil, Greater Pikalit
    • Sustainable Transgenics Secondary
      • Taxil North, Greater Pikalit
    • Prime Lab Agristock
      • Taxil North, Greater Pikalit
    • Polymer Design Center
      • Taxil North, Greater Pikalit
    • Orta Prime Campus
      • Vostulak Pier, Orta Main
    • Lifeform Development Secondary
      • Vostulak Shoreline, Orta Main
    • Lifeform Curative Prime
      • Vostulak Pier Circle, Orta Main