Mynu (pronounced my-noo) is a domed city of academic learning centers, with communities of residential students that live at the university, college, or training center, they attend.

Mynu is populated almost exclusively by Hizaki; during generational outputs, the age range of the population is eight (when structured education for Hizaki begins), to fourteen (when transitional education for an Hizak ends), to nineteen (when most higher education for an Hizak ends). Smaller portions of the population include Bizak workers and students, Subak and Zaxir students, and a minuscule number of Marixi. Mynu has a highly educated and mostly transient population, with twenty secondary schools, eighty-five technical training schools, and over fifty tertiary educational institutions.

Mynu’s economy is tied to educational activity, with each district within the dome supported by institutional structures with university hospitals and clinics, digital-literature production houses, school libraries, technical college laboratories, and academic business incubators. Student rooms, dining halls, social and educational unions, and organizational societies, fall under the jurisdiction of their perspective institution.

Its name comes from Myanu, the original Hizak subject responsible for the transition Femati historical, educational, and instructional information from the Femaki’xirpaxul database, to networked terminals constructed by the first Bizaki.


2225 Citizenry Count: Varies by Production Year

  • 90% Hizak, 5% Subak, 3% Bizak
  • 1% Zaxir, 1% Marix.

Mynu is administered by the Prime Chair of Mynu, and she answers to the Sernatae-Second, of Ramaxia. Current PC of Mynu is Dak Kavo (10th Gen), and the current Sernatae-Second is Ixo Gizul (10th Gen).

Mynu is connected to Ramaxian Citizenry Transit via Mynu Station.