Final Trial

During the last month of their seventeenth year, Brooders are separated from one another and collectively placed into an induced hibernation, which lasts 15 days. While asleep, each Marix will undergo an internal exam and is measured for her Mortay Suits*.

The Mortay Suit, used only in Final Trial battle, is a black full-body single-layer survivability suit, made with a blend of microscopic silica particles suspended in a fluid form of polyethylene glycol. The glycol is inserted into the suits Basal Anatomy Line Detection netting; it’s Hizaki creators call it BA-WEB, but Bizaki engineers tasked with shooting the mix into the fabric of the suit, call it ‘BLUBBER”. The webbed micro-sensors that make up a part of the blubber are absorbed and held in place by silica particles. These micro-sensors are wired to the nervous system and allow for proper trauma indication; in hand to hand combat drills where only striking weapons (dultax) are employed, these sensors detect the impact of the dultax and perceive them as cutting-injuries. The suit is its wearer’s naked physical form, and when one sustains enough injury then blood loss or impact trauma is calculated by the systems AI. The suit begins to shut down the same as one’s anatomy would with these sustained injuries. Full sensor activation indicates mortal mass trauma; the suit paralyzes its user, to indicate that the combatant is dead.

After awakening, Brooders venture out for their first Liberty. Brooders have 20 hours to go anywhere they please and do anything they want on a night known throughout the citizenry as Orta Attack. At ‘return-call,’ Brooders put on their Mortay Suits and are marched to the surface with only a rod of synthetic whalebone (dultax). When the Shout is given, Brooders fight until time runs out. During the melee, those whose Mortay Suits list them as fatally injured, are unable to continue fighting, as their suits paralyze them. Those whose uniforms list them in critical condition can continue, but their time is limited as portions of their suit make them inoperable. Those left standing with little to no injury are the victors, and thus eligible for the rank of Donmat. The top three are acquired by Divisional, the remaining seven of the top ten are given a choice upon where to serve. All ten are given rank and allowed continued study in their chosen field of service.

Those killed during the first hour of the Trial are removed from service, and furloughed from Orta; they can compete for a chance to play in organized sports, or find odd jobs among the citizenry. Those killed in the second hour are relegated to surface duty, but can strike for a position in Fleet during what is called a Secondary Final Trial; these trials take place exactly 20 years to the day of the first Final Trial. 


Orta Final Trial – 2,705 Combatants: Ninth Ramaxian Gen – 2180

  • Last One Standing – Fusa Kul
    • Last to Fall – Uli Zag
    • Second Standing – Pita Dag
    • Third Standing – Gid Ikat
    • Fourth Standing – Tyle Hibz
    • Fifth Standing – Daka Kil
    • Sixth Standing – Tux Tol
    • Seventh Standing – Dirg R’lx
    • Eighth Standing – Odax Itat
    • Ninth Standing – Pik Acari
    • Tenth Standing – Kurgo Itad

Orta Final Trial – 1,500 Combatants: Tenth Ramaxian Gen – 2202

  • Last One Standing – Fusada Kul
    • Last to Fall – Bam Yuxi/Fos Tis
    • Second Standing – Ibat Yixo
    • Third Standing – Vaniav G’wo
    • Fourth Standing – Zerix Julo
    • Fifth Standing – Kurgo Gax
    • Sixth Standing – Ryoz Julo
    • Seventh Standing – Pita Wex
    • Eighth Standing – Deltad Polvix
    • Ninth Standing – Kirtat Fatu
    • Tenth Standing – Bo Kilvx

Orta Final Trial – 2,396 Combatants: Eleventh Ramaxian Gen – 2228

  • Last One Standing – Styba Balru
    • Last to Fall – Fuzo Dox
    • Second Standing – Tuso Vyx
    • Third Standing – Zex Acari
    • Fourth Standing – Gir Tabu
    • Fifth Standing – Tirgo Su
    • Sixth Standing – Kurg Itad
    • Seventh Standing – Akat Avi
    • Eighth Standing – Fusat Holix
    • Ninth Standing – Zixol Gas
    • Tenth Standing  – Hibat Kil