Eros Impact Event

The Eros Impact Event

On January 28, 2021, the Observatory of the Cote d’Azur in France reported meteor (7341) 1991 VK struck asteroid 433 Eros, in orbit around Mars. The impact tore free a significant portion of 433 Eros, with scientists projecting a debris path perilously close to the Earth.

impactThe broken portion of Eros 433 entered the Moon’s gravitational pull and, before breaking free, altered the Moon’s orbit. Gravitational exertion increased, affecting the centrifugal force balancing the planet’s oceans. Waves of volcanic activity began throughout the planet, followed by an adverse change in global tides that devastated populated coastlines.

Then acting President of the United States, Kamala Harris, declared the Population Relocation Initiative, allowing military seizure of privately owned bunkers and survival compounds throughout the nation. Meanwhile, European nations discover and denounce an Israeli-Russian-Polish funded project in the Ural Mountains to build a massive wall around organized survival settlements.

On January 20, 2022, the broken portion of Eros 433 struck Earth struck the Arabian Sea around Oman, Iran, and Pakistan. The impact-diameter measured 2.2 miles and delivered an estimated energy equivalent of 55 teratons of TNT. Mega tsunamis crawled over the Indian Ocean, followed by clouds of superheated dust, ash, and steam. Glaciers within Pakistan melted, inundating southwestern Asia and drowning millions.

The impactor burrowed underground, ejecting excavated material into the atmosphere that heated to incandescence upon re-entry, broiling the Earth’s surface hundreds of miles around the impact site. Massive wildfires resulted from this catastrophe, destroying forests and jungles throughout coastal India and Africa.

Unstable conditions brought on by planet-wide vulcanism affected the Western Hemisphere in the Spring of 2022.

The European lowlands of Germany, Austria, Benelux, and France faced flooding from melting Alps glaciers. Throughout Spain, tidal flooding from the Atlantic and the Mediterranean Sea forced mass relocations north. However, as deluge overtook the Mediterranean’s northeastern coasts, refugees from the Balkans and Italy collided with Northern Europeans fleeing to the south, causing riots and death as Switzerland became an island unable to support the incoming refugees.

Russia airlifted select citizens throughout Eastern Europe and Israel to safety behind their walled territory in the Urals. Iceland evacuated its population to cruise ships after waters engulfed its habitable land. Lowland Ireland and portions of the United Kingdom below sea level became submerged. Media throughout the world estimated 300 million dead or missing by late summer.

danubePermafrost in northern Canada thawed, creating landslides, and swelling inland channels, while immense tides drowned cities throughout the United States. By August 2022, over 8.3 million people worldwide relocated safely inland, the largest survivor populations taking part in President Harris’ Relocation Initiative.

By the winter of 2022, shock production of carbon dioxide caused by the destruction of carbonate rocks during the impact led to an immediate greenhouse effect that melted ice caps in the polar north and the West Antarctica Ice-Sheet. Decades followed with bolide dust and molten particles polluting the atmosphere.

Before full stabilization of the Moon’s orbit in 2025, earthquakes and severe volcanism stressed the planet’s subducting slabs, culminating in the eruption of a long-dormant supervolcano in North America.


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