Femarctic Time of Transition


Dubol 20, 2022
A two-mile wide chunk of the asteroid 433 Eros, strikes Ramaxicon.

The debris collides with the planet, over the nonpolar region around the Ugat`axol (Arabian Sea). Bolide debris pollutes the atmosphere.

Dubol 22, 2022
The Ramax’takal Quake.

The subglacial volcanic field located under the West Antarctic Ice Sheet experiences multiple eruptions, triggering a massive quake that rocks the Ramax’takal Mountains.

Ongoing until the 2100’s
The West Antarctic Ice Sheet loses 87% of its volume.

An expansive inland bay forms on the Western coast from the melting of the Ross Ice Shelf in the south, and the Ronne and Filcher Ice Shelves in the north. Alexander Island, Graham Land, and Palmer in the Peninsula are cut off from the mainland. 

Dubol 31, 2022
The Vosk`tulak Awakening

Ramx to Jixak, 2022
Exploration of the Prime Ramax (Antarctic Plateau).

Subiz to Buxol, 2022
Sleeping Sickness

The month of Yulitat, 2022
Femaki`xirpaxul is breached; remaining subjects awakened.

Dubol 5-15, 2023
Encounter at Ramax’takal

Femitokon and four of her shored Marixi encounter armed helovx military outside of McMurdo station. The seven hunt and kill all forty-eight soldiers.

Ramx the Tenth, 2023
The Naming, and the migration from the Vosk`tulak

GEN#592760912400.8 call themselves, ‘Femmar’. Fusofitakil, Femitokon, Pekada, Veldag, and Jyralix, move their sisters away from the shore. They settle in a valley southwest of the Gulidox Hills.

Ixax to Gurtat, 2023
First clothing and first manufacturing; Subglacial agriculture develops.

The first clothing is made when Bizak Ilogwo, after her many Subaki lovers complain of discomfort while working nude. Ilogwo utilizes various synthetic fiber formulas parsed from helovx databases on the surface and taps into the Femaki`xirpaxul’s stock of Femati multi-protein complexes. As clothing becomes popular with other castes, sewing and production rooms are set up to meet the demand.

A group of Bizaki led by Dubgax, cultivate the first underground farm in the northwestern Uxbax Peninsula, using nocturnal seed stock stored in the Femaki`xirpaxul.

Ixax – Jixak, 2023
The Zaxiri Exile and the Marixi Purge

Yulitat 22 (December), 2023
Battle of Ramax’takal