Femarctic Time of Transition

2023 – 2027

Dubol 20, 2023
A two-mile-wide fragment of the asteroid 433 Eros strikes Ramaxicon.

The debris strikes a nonpolar region called the Ugat`axol (Arabian Sea).

Dubol 22, 2023
The Ramax’takal Quake.

The subglacial volcanic field beneath the Western Prime Ramax (Antarctic Ice Sheet) experiences multiple eruptions, triggering a massive quake that rocks the Ramax’takal Mountains.

(Ongoing until the 2100s)
The West Antarctic Ice Sheet loses 87% of its volume.

An expansive inland straight forms along the Western coast after the Ross, Ronne, and Filcher Ice Shelves melt. The deluge separates Alexander Island, Graham Land, and the Palmer territory from mainland Antarctica.

Dubol 31, 2023
The Vosk`tulak Awakening

On Dubol 31, 2023, six subjects of GEN#592760912400.10 awaken from the evolutionary construction program. They are called: Femitokon (fem-eye-tow-kon) (Marix) and Fusofitakil (foo-so-fee-tah-kill) (Hizak), Veldag (vell-dag) (Subak), Uymras (yoom-razz) (Hizak), Pekada (peck-ah-dah) (Bizak), and Jyrulix (year-ool-icks) (Zaxir). All are physically ten years of age.

On Ramx 4, 2023, after a disastrous first contact with humanity, Pekada, Fusofitakil, and Femitokon pluck twenty-eight pods from the shallows when the lake’s tide goes out. The pods hatch immediately, with twenty-five subjects surviving.

There are six like Pekada: Ilogwo (eye-low-goo-woh), Uymdak (yoom-dack), Dizukel (diss-oo-kell), Yawramx (y-all-ram-sk), Dubgax (duhb-gacks), and Haluxikon (hall-ooks-ee-kon).
There are four like Jyrulix: Galiyusok (gal-ee-oo-sock), Lozkul (loss-kall), Tavriholix (tav-ree-hall-iks), and Crizatol (kris-ah-toll).
Veldag finds four like her also: Yulitax (yoo-lee-tacks), Bulatgwo (boo-lah-tah-goo-woh), Ryoacari (r-eye-oh-ah-kar-ee), and Yiravi (yeer-ah-vee).
There are only five like Uymras: Yirukel (yeer-oo-kell), Bantol (ban-toll), Ublazag (yoo-blah-sag), Myanu (my-an-oo), and Wramtal (ram-t-all), and though the others take to Fusofitakil, they do not feel she is one of them.
Fusofitakil finds that there are already six like Femitokon: Balrusok (ball-roo-sock), Dagitat (dah-jee-tat), Zixkul (sicks-kall), Potax (poh-tacks), Tiskol (tisk-koll), and Kaxital (kacks-eet-al)–and she is not like them, either.

Ramx to Jixak, 2023
Exploration of the Prime Ramax (Antarctic Plateau).

From Ramx (February) to Jixak (August) of 2022, the original subjects and the shored discover 68 stations and 40 field camps containing over 4,000 helovx.

Subiz to Buxol, 2023
Sleeping Sickness

At the start of Subiz, 2022, while exploring the Prime Ramax, the original subjects and the shored fall into a debilitating sleep. These prolonged sleeps occur annually; this is the first hibernation.

The month of Yulitat, 2023
Breaching the Femaki`xirpaxul; remaining subjects awakened.

After studying various helovx cultural media, many thinkers and laborers theorize that they might be an alien race. Fusofitakil and others disagree, citing their anatomy and nervous system indicative of life on the planet. All agree that the structure in the lagoon has the answers.

The laborers and brutes tunnel out a portion of the ice and sand around the structure, revealing several closed entryways. After many unsuccessful attempts to breach the structure, one of the nurtures, Veldag, walks to an exposed entryway and asks if she can enter. The others laugh until a disembodied voice introduces itself as the Femaki`xirpaxul (the mother of you all), and reveals to her an entryway.

After introductions and establishing trust, Fusofitakil attempts to study the remaining pods on the Vostulak. She informs the Femaki’xirpaxul and later finds herself barred from entry. Working through Pekada, the pair isolate the command controlling the benthic platform in the lagoon; positioned over the shore, it would allow for the removal of hundreds of thousands of pods. Work begins as the waters of the Vostulak become toxic, destroying thousands of pods still in the depths.

The original and the shored salvage 115,000 of 300,000 pods.


Dubol 5-15, 2024
Encounter at Ramax’takal

Femitokon and her caste-sisters encounter armed helovx military outside of McMurdo station. They hunt and kill all forty-eight soldiers.

Ramx the Tenth, 2024
The Naming; migration from the Vosk`tulak

GEN#592760912400.8 call themselves ‘Femmar’. Fusofitakil, Femitokon, Pekada, Veldag, and Jyralix, move their sisters away from the Vostok shore to a valley in the Gulidox Hills.

Ixax to Gurtat, 2024
First manufacturing; subglacial agriculture develops.

A bizak named Ilogwo creates the first clothing after her many subaki friends complain of discomfort from working nude. She utilizes various synthetic fiber formulas parsed from helovx databases on the surface, and taps into the Femaki`xirpaxul’s stock of Femati multi-protein complexes. Clothing becomes popular with other castes, leading to the creation of sewing and production rooms.

A group of bizaki led by Dubgax cultivates the first underground farm in the northwestern Uxbax Peninsula, using nocturnal seed stock stored in the Femaki`xirpaxul.

Ixax – Jixak, 2024
The Zaxiri Exile and the Marixi Purge

After the Femaki’xirpaxul detects pressure build-up in a super-volcano in the Northern Hemisphere, Fusofitakil anticipates the return of nonpolar helovx to the south. She ventures to the surface to formulate a plan with Femitokon on dealing with the impending influx, but her sudden involvement in marixi command decisions disturbs leading surface hizak, Ulatbant, setting off a series of events that lead to the Marixi Purge.

On Yulitat 15, 2024, all 18,425 marixi subjects are armed with various weapons march to a secluded area on the ice. Here, they engage in hand-to-hand combat under the watchful eyes of the 4,085 surface hizaki. The violence lasts over twelve hours, with Femitokon and fifty-four hundred others surviving.

Yulitat 2024
Post hibernation exploration begins.

Bizak subjects Pekada, Ilogwo, Uymdak, Dizukel, Yawramx, Dubgax, and Haluxikon, meet with Fusofitakil and hizak subjects Yirukel, Bantol, and Ublazag, and organize a plan of expansion beneath the ice. Parsing the Femaki`xirpaxul’s maps of the subglacial surface, they organize bizaki into exploratory teams, accompanied by an organizational hizak, and protected by select marixi.

Yulitat 22 (December), 2024
Battle of Ramax’takal; first scouts between the poles.

On Yulitat 22, 2023, two warships and a private cruise vessel arrive off the southwestern coast of the Ramax’takal (ram-acks | tack-all). After a swift victory, Femitokon and Fusofitakil allow a survivor to record a message.

Femitokon declares: “Never return to the poles. The ice hates you as much as we do.”
Fusofitakil is more on point: “Ramaxicon is our world now. Helovxi (Humanity) is dying. Close your eyes and go peacefully.”

That same day, eighty hizaki led battalions of marixi sail from the continent to assess the planet’s oceans, coastal life, and the declining helovx.


Dubol (January) 7, 2025
First census; Gene Cataloging begins.

All the subjects are accounted for, numbering 137,000.
Figures calculated, by caste:

5,482 Marixi
13,997 Hizaki
25,993 Subaki
26,984 Zaxiri
64, 544 Bizaki

Using the Femaki`xirpaxul’s Anatomical Scanning Bay, hizak subject Uymras, Myanu, and Wramtal, begin anatomical and genetic cataloging of every subject. The discovery of blood types and nutritional requirements aid in building a medical database. They find that every subject has four or more genetic siblings, except Femitokon and Fusafitakil.

Dubol – Ixax (January – May), 2025
Tharspin production; automatic manufacturing.

Bizak subject, Wygzitat, creates tharspin from mined tharspaxi by developing an oxygen converter process similar to that employed by helovx to make steel.

On Jixak 18, Dizukel and Pekada design the first computerized numerical control for a manual milling machine. Milling systems running with these new controls have automatic tool changers, tool magazines, coolant systems, and enclosures, leading to large-scale manufacturing of tools and parts.

Bamx 14, 2025
Valentine’s Day Eruption sets off the Dark Years.

A full-scale eruption of a mega-volcano in North America occurs on Bamx 14, 2025, at approximately 2 a.m. The eruption lasts many months and triggers extinction events throughout the globe, decimating most of humanity.

Yulitat (December) 2025
The Ramaxian Artery sets off the Age of Expansion

Miners employ a tunnel-boring machine designed by hizak Wramtol in the Turkol Mountains. Called the Turkol Fist, it punches through bedrock without the need for full-scale blasting and creates a hollow called the Ramaxian Artery. An essential component in the Age of Expansion, the Artery enables bizaki leaders Yawramx, Percadiz, and Uditol, to led exploratory expeditions beneath the ice from 2023 to 2030.