Marixtiux (mer-eeks-tee-uks), is the normal sexual roughness employed by highly aroused Marixi.

Marixi live in socially rigid environment where respect is mandatory, silence is the norm, and physical intimacy within their own castes is taboo. Sexual intercourse allows Marixi to drop their vocal inhibitions and their physical isolation by interacting with others in ways that make them feel good.

Marixi sequestration during sexual maturity is necessary as youthful Marixi exercise poor emotional and impulse control in the years spanning age 12 to 16. During these years Marixi train to modify and control their instinctual aggression, and part of this is learning acceptable sexual behavior. At age 18 they are allowed the freedom to pursue sexual activity outside of Orta, and despite taming their brutal nature, Marixi engage in coarse sexual interaction.

The core behaviors of marixtiux are rude sexualized talking, varying degrees of pawing, shaking and slapping of the flesh, and the grabbing of hair without the intent to harm. Another typical marixtiux behavior is competitive intercourse or masturbation, occurring mostly in the sexualized atmosphere of the citbluz. Zaxiri will entertain the rough and tumble method of intercourse employed by Marixi, as do Hizaki. Bizaki confine their sexual experiences with Marixi to their twentieth year but are leery of entertaining more than one Marix at a time. Subaki display an extreme aversion to rough sexual handling, and their unwillingness to engage has led to incidents of forced intercourse.