Ortosk Style

Ortosk Style is the name given to the gwobix (silk) blouses and jaxib (polyester) trousers worn by Marixi when they are off-duty, and or out of uniform. Jaxol Fiber (cotton) training-wear, and gwoxol (lycra) one-piece body and undersuits are also considered OS, due to their exclusive use by Marixi.

Marixi were the last subjects to wear clothing. Life on the surface and sequestration from the other castes afforded them the freedom to live naked until the Zaxiri joined them during the exile. Zaxiri presence during the evolution of Marixi socialization accounts for why Marixi civilian attire resembles bluzerie wear.

Wobix (OS blouses) are designed to stretch tight over the waist, biceps, and across the chest. Unbonded Marixi will wear them unbuttoned to their midriff to show off the single line of uzx between their suzsch. Elder or bonded Marixi tend to wear wobix without buttons, but with a decorative middle seam to define the hidden uzx beneath. Wobix come with wide lapels, due to World Oceans requiring that service pins be worn in plain sight when among the citizenry. Wobix are sold in a wide array of bold colors and prints; like bluzerie, the use of color, intricate design, and shiny fabric allows one to stand out when in the citbluz.

Ortosk Style trousers (called jaxis) fit tight in the upper thighs and girsuzsch. Below the knees, they flare to accommodate the dome-boot, a lighter and less bulky version of the active service boot required by World Oceans. Jaxis are made of stretchy jaxib, to allow for freedom of movement (dancing is common in the citbluz) and are lined with an absorbent jaxol fiber in the crotch to accommodate the Marixi habit of forgoing undersuits when off duty. Like the universal pants worn by other castes, jaxis contain a pull-open fastener in the crotch to expose the gurxul when needed.

Ortosk Active is clothing made for physical exercise. Marixi are assigned three sets of standard OA’s: three jaxol pant, three gwoxol onesies for swimming, and three sleeveless jaxol shirts for weight training. All OA’s are uniform, as individuality is discouraged in World Oceans. Marixi athletes employed outside Orta though don fashionable activewear known as Citizenry-Active. CITA’s share the base design of the OA, but come tailored for particular sport, or are colored to represent the city sponsoring the athlete.

Tailored for a Marix physique, the top portion of the two-piece undersuit is a gwoxol square-cut tank with built-in support for their unique suzsch. Compression bottoms cover the girsuzsch and flatten and keep dry slightly protruding rydok. Undersuit bottoms come in varying lengths from upper thigh, mid-thigh, and to the knees.

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