Whether living in a bluzsh or bonded in a pod, Zaxiri spend most of their day thinking about or engaging in sexual activity, with themselves, those they care about, or complete strangers. It is a behavior that lasts well into midlife, and so a majority of their lives are spent naked and indoors.

Zaxiri engage a variety of methods (ilo`famax) to accentuate their natural beauty; hide glitter and scented perfumes, cosmetics for the lips, eyes, thighs, backside, and chest. Hair is always loose (unless employed outside the bluzsh), and scented with the various aromas to attract other castes. Zaxiri spend a significant portion of their beauty regimen on pedicures because they are often barefoot. If required to wear shoes, Zaxiri will remove them whenever the opportunity presents itself.

When out among the citizenry or in the dance halls of the bluzsh, Zaxiri will wear what is known as Bluzerie (bloo-ser-hey). Stylish loose garments made of luxurious fabrics and lace, bluzerie come in bright colors with intricate embroideries, and are made with flexible, stretchy, or decorative materials like gwobix (silk), gwoxol (lycra), gibix (satin), and juxbix (lace).

Lounge-Bluzerie are translucent with some gown length or shortened one-piece frocks, often trimmed with lace. A lounger is worn only around those a Zaxir is most comfortable with; her peers, bonds, or chosen lovers. Walking-Bluzerie are for when a Zaxir leaves the citbluz on the rare occasion to socialize non-sexually. Walkers are floor-length with necklines that expose the globes of their suzsch. Some have sleeves; others are sleeveless, many have a shoulder strap and have side openings to show off the rolls of flab that and Marixi find attractive. Walkers come with matching outer garments like robes, or sashes for the shoulders, making them appropriate in the presence of donats, or Subaki.

Bluzerie for vocations outside the bluzsh were created by Zaxiri of the Second Ramaxian Gen, as they went many years without the opportunity to produce and thus sought to grow socially beyond sex and birthing. Bati Suits* are one-piece pantsuits made of gwobix (silk) or gibix (satin), worn by Zaxiri employed in the medical, reproductive, and administrative fields. Loose yet fit these suits do not overexpose the flesh nor are they see-through, though they’re adapted for the purpose of accentuating a corpulent figure.

Zaxiri-worn bluzabati has nothing to do with vocational Bati; bluzabati are highly sexualized versions of the subati suit worn by Subaki and are designed exclusively for objectification.

Fashion & Beauty Bixat (Textiles)