Hizaki (hiss-ah-kee)

The ‘Hizak Caste’ is responsible for maintaining the operational and formative structure of the Citizenry. Derisively called ‘brainers,’ and pejoratively known as ‘hizzahs’ they are designed to organize and sustain the populace. Hizaki are rigidly intellectual, and compulsive about tradition and order.

Anatomical Distinctions (See Common Anatomy)

  • Hizaki are born colorblind; early geneticists trying to isolate the chromosome strand responsible found that the condition is polygenic, and attempts to correct the anomaly caused irreparable damage, typically to the genes responsible for visual development.
  • Hizaki have the largest girsuzsch (buttocks) of any other caste; their gluteal muscles are pronounced, despite having a thin physique similar to Bizaki.
  • Tusikux (dopamine) receptors in the Hizaki thalamus are lower than any other caste; allowing for more thought processes, and enabling a greater degree of problem-solving.
  • Yulikerotine (norepinephrine) levels are at their highest in Hizaki.
Art by Daniel Hurtado

Social Elements

Hizaki are prone to intellectualism often at the expense of social empathy. When not engaging in vocational practice, Hizaki compartmentalize relationships based on perceived needs and wants; they prefer the company of other Hizaki for socialization and will engage other castes for a singular purpose; they are unwilling to interact with multiple castes simultaneously unless at one’s vocation, or engaging in coitus.

In the Series many of the central characters are Hizaki: