Diseases and Disorders

At their inception, the femmar were subject to injuries, disabilities, disorders, and syndromes. Due to their prowess in genetic engineering, each generation is better off than the one before it, and many conditions became eradicated with time. Common disorders remain as a result of stubborn chromosomal anomalies related to caste-specific disabilities, physical issues that intensify with age, or a change of circumstances in the environment.

Standard Disorders that Affect Each Caste

Huzkutx (huss-ka-toks) is a physical condition brought on by a failure of the Kermadux Gland to release the protein kutx (ka-toks), needed to produce sluzsh (zloosh), the secretions necessary for genital response. It is a physical condition with no preset means of genetic determination—it does not affect Subaki or Zaxiri, as neither has a Kermadux Gland. Sluzsh remains dormant in the guzshlix (vagina) of Subaki and Zaxiri until sexually stimulated, where it works to lubricate the guzshlix and transition blood into the tissues of the gashcol (vaginal folds). In Marixi, Hizaki, and Bizaki, sluzsh production requires the release of kutx into the bloodstream; this occurs during sexual stimulation.

Huzkutx typically occurs during midlife and is irreversible. Sufferers of the condition are pejoratively referred to as husks. Psychoanalytic counseling and the therapeutic use of gashcol-pumps are required to achieve arousal and subsequent burxol (orgasm).

  • Huzkutx should not be confused with Huzapx (huss-a-piks), a stress/fatigue induced loss of arousal that temporarily affects some Hizaki, Bizaki, or Marixi.
  • Huzkutx is not Donapx (don-a-piks), the decade-long absence of arousal that occurs naturally in Subaki, while in the constant presence of donational age femmar. Donapx fades within a year of a donations absence from the home (when they leave for caste-training).

Konkilitux (kon-keel-ee-toks) is a form of high functioning psychosis linked to a rare recessive genetic disorder found in citizens directly descended from original subjects Femitokon, Haluxikon, Zixkul, Lozkul, Bantiras, and Uymras. Konkilitux results from a mutation in the chromosomes responsible for the development of the brain; donations are born with calcification on the temporal lobes, affecting the amygdala, which is responsible for the processing of memory, decision-making, and emotional reactions. Subaki and Zaxiri suffering from konkilitux are prone to hyper-aggressive behavior, or irregular paranoia (not related to axiboxis). Other castes stricken by the disorder lack a grasp of moral responsibility, while others are unable to exhibit social conscience. Marixi sufferers develop an inability to learn and then display proper fear response.

  • Citizens with konkilitux remain rare due to the monitoring of patch combinations by hive Oligax; konkilitux exists today due to the natural selection decisions of those in the Houses of Kul and Uym, and Line’s Banto and Acari.