Pitana Dag (pit-ana| ‘dag) is the Secondary Chair of the Office of Helovx Advocacy, the Ambassador Prime of Ramaxia, and the current custodial Prime of Ramaxia Primada.

Pitana is a registered citizen of the Tenth Ramaxian Generation, design Hizak, born in 2185. Dag is the only donation of Committee Member the Fifth Wox Dag. Her kerma is deceased Ninth Gen Bakiprime, Pita Dag, a famous member of the Ramaxian Interstellar Organization. Pitana has no bond-partners and has no known donations to the citizenry.

In 2200, Dag earned doctorates in Governance and Political Science, and acquired a vocational doctorate, in Helovx Study. During her post graduate years, Dag’s published poetry was hailed for its vivid insight into the romantic and emotional minds, of Hizaki. After Dag had acquired a terminal degree in Linguistics, she joined the Ramaxian Defensive Language Center. There, she worked in the offices of Citizenry Administration, until elevated to the Office of Helovx Advocacy, in 2212. After an impressive five-year tenure as Secondary-Administrator of Kerguelen, Dag turned down high-level residency at Kulixa Base, and transitioned in 2218 to the post of Prime Administrator, at the Port Antarctica Liaison Office. Dag continued to release poetry during her tenure in the OHA, with five of her works adapted by Eleventh-Gen femvelaki in songs popular among the Eleventh Gen. Dag’s mastery of helovx-languages led to a promotion and assignment to Ramaxia Primada. In 2226, Dag became Ambassador Prime of Ramaxia.