Laxum Jyr (laks-oom | yeer), former Citizenry Representative of Utama, is the current Ambassador to the helovx-nation of Jungwa, and Administrative Prime of Kuril Base, located in the Raxuda’acarol.

Laxum Jyr is a scheduled citizen of the Tenth Ramaxian Gen, design Hizak, born in 2185. Laxum is the only surviving donation of Committee Member the Fourth, Rasa Jyr, and her primary partner, Ninth-Gen Subak, Pel Ru. Her deceased sibling is Pitasa Jyr, a Tenth-Gen Zaxir that died giving birth, in 2210. Jyr’s birther was former Prime Citizen of the Ninth Gen, Daka Zil; the Zaxir died post delivery. Laxum Jyr has no bond-partners, and six donations to the citizenry that remain unknown.

After acquiring a doctorate in Governance in 2200, Jyr became the youngest member to sit as Cloister-Aid for Citizenry Representative Ryl Jyr (her kerma’s sibox), in 2204. Following the Sister-Suicides, CR Ryl Jyr stepped down, supporting Laxum, in her bid to become the new CR of Utama.

In 2208, Jyr became the youngest citizen to be elected Citizenry-Representative. As a politician Jyr made a name for herself crafting legislation to protect citizenry rights from oversight by the Committee (mainly the Fourth and Fifth Offices). The Jyr Directive bars any Ruling Platform from enacting control over any aspects of the Collective. Jyr’s tenure is infamous for her attempt to invalidate the Balanced Citizenry Act, and for revealing the existence the Terminal Sabotage Division, and its alleged role in exterminating  Femarctic-Male citizens outside the scope of Femtrux. In 2213, after the sound defeat of her motion to invalidate the BCA, Jyr retired from politics. A previous piece of legislation defeated at inception that tried to limit the consequences of political criticism saw resurrection after Jyr’s departure as the Jyr Hive Mandate.