Terminal Sabotage Division

The Terminal Sabotage Division, or TermSabo, is a division in the Sorority of Defense with missions assigned by the First Office of the Committee, as she is the sole source of all operational interaction with the Primary.

Created in 2188 after the Perth Incident and the Yulitat Coup, TermSabo is responsible for intelligence collection and covert operations, and investigates citizen-led subversive activities. Their methods include targeted killings and paramilitary activities; once the nature of their investigations became known to the citizenry, incidents with operatives have been reported to the Axyrn, resulting in the demotion, or termination, of said operatives, mostly involving citizens mistakenly targeted.


  • Prime – Fusa Kul, Primary (9th Gen)
    • Mission Director, Ryo Uym (9th Gen)
  • Prime Promad – Fee Mok (9th Gen)
    • Prime Komad Rilz A’teel (9th Gen) – Ramaxia Prime Sector
      • Promad Tirg Ikat (9th Gen) – Ramaxia Prime Sector
    • Prime Komad Ixo Yilaz (9th Gen) – West Islands Sector
      • Komad Fidu Ergat (10th Gen) West Islands Sector
    • Promad Ryox Mok (9th Gen) Non-Polar Sector
      • Komad Ibat Yixo (10th Gen) Non-Polar Sector
        • Donmat Styba Balru (11th Gen) Non-Polar Sector