The Femitokon Shell

The Femitokon Shell is an engineered operative energy* that when ignited, empowers its host with an array of capabilities. The phasic-armor is designed to remain inert within a set of cyber-organic spheres that are implanted into a living host. The energy is then triggered by changes to its hosts nervous and endocrine systems.

*The Shell’s operational-consciousness is identical to the natural operative-energy contained within the brains of all higher lifeforms. (helovx call this energy, the soul).

Activation of the Shell Energy occurs when the rapid release of tikolx (h. oxytocin), kontrx (h. vasopressin), and the fital-kermatx (h. corticotropin-releasing) from the host’s femxtak (h. hypothalamus) causes the bizertu (h. pituitary) gland to release significant amounts of the mitokermtx (h. adrenocorticotropic) hormone. This in turn makes the itakildos (h. adrenal cortex) release fitalatxi (h. corticosteroids), thus triggering the Shell Energy to emerge.

Upon leaving the bio-synthetic spheres, the Shell Energy fuses first with the nervous system of its host. The Shell works in tandem with the host’s neural-energy while enhancing her anatomy; it allows for the host’s brain to sync directly with the Collective, giving her instant access to an array of offensive and defensive weapons and technology. When the Shell’s operative energy adheres to the host’s neural-energy, the host is covered by a layer silver-skin, to protect her from projectiles, and energy-based munitions fire.

Though actively engaged with its host’s brain, the host remains in cognitive control.

Of the fifty officers that were part of Doctor Fyla Uym’s Project Femitokon, only six have ever survived spherical implantation (Primary Fusa Kul was the first to survive). Of those six, only two were able to house the sphere’s successfully; those unable to adjust physically to the spheres were made operatives in the Femitokon Division. Of the two citizens that successfully housed the spheres, only one is credited with igniting the Shell, maintaining it, and using it to its fullest potential.

Tenth Generation Candidates:  First Round 2206

  • Fusat Nuz : Failed – did not survive sphere implantation
  • Tib Idix: Failed – physical conditioning required to maintain spheres
  • Fusada Kul: Failed
    • physically adapted to spheres
    • possessed emotional activation response
    • failed to maintain beyond activation
  • Po Gax: Failed – physical conditioning required to maintain spheres
  • Julo Katu: Failed – physical conditioning required to maintain spheres

Tenth Generation Candidates:  Second Round 2219

  • Sofita Kul: Operative Successful
    • physically adapted to spheres
    • possessed emotional activation response
    • maintained activation