Femitokon Division

The Femitokon Division and its agents enforce the Balanced Citizenry Act.

Unlike Terminal Sabotage, a division that specializes in apprehending citizens involved in anti-Ramaxian activities, the Femitokon Division centers exclusively on the collection of Femarctic Males. The Femitokon Division is under the operative jurisdiction of World Oceans, but is administered by the Fifth Office, as collecting males falls under the auspices of the Generational Production Department. Presently, there are five operatives and three sub-operatives; one of the Division’s agents carries within her, the Femitokon Shell.


  • Prime Chair
    • Wox Dag, Fifth Office (9th Gen)
  • Prime Promad Tyle Hibz (9th Gen)
  • Prime Komad Tib Idix (9th Gen)
    • Toxis Collections
  • Promad Wulitad Pol (9th Gen)
    • East/West Toxis Collection
  • Promad Po Gax (10th Gen)
    • Vanda Collections
    • Komad Lux Acari (10th Gen)
      • Vanduel Collections
  • Promad Julixo Katu (10th Gen)
    • Pikalit Collections
      • Donmat Gir Tabu (11th Gen)
        • Greater Triad Collections
  • Komad Sofita Kul (10th Gen)
    • Surface Operational – Hybrid Collections
    • Donmat Fuzo Dox (11th Gen)
      • Surface Collection