Committee of Five

The Committee of Five is five citizens coded at birth to serve as the executive branch under a specific Primary and to retain the regulatory and administrative function of Ramaxia. The position is inherited from a maker or can be utilized by the sibling of a deceased citizen that is herself coded to ascend to the Committee.

Committee Member, the First

The First Office is the eyes and ears of the Primary; she is the only means for lesser Committee Members, Citizenry Representatives, and other citizens of importance, to contact the Primary. The First Office oversees the other members of the Committee, as they answer only to her; in essence, the First Office of the Committee is the administrative Primary of Ramaxia.

Current First Office of Ramaxia is Ninth-Gen advocateRyo Uym.

Committee Member, the Second

The Second Office organizes and supervises the Office of Helovx Advocacy and all divisional affairs activities that involve the helovx. The CM2 is responsible for the overall direction, coordination, and supervision, of interdepartmental activities of Ramaxia’s interests between the poles. She oversees those that participate in high-level negotiations with helovx-nations, either bilaterally, or as part of an international conference, or organization.

The Second Officer advises the First Officer on matters relating to foreign policy, including the appointment of diplomatic representatives to other nations, and on the acceptance or dismissal of representatives; including the negotiation of international treaties and trade agreements.

Current CM2 of Ramaxia is Ninth-Gen bio-geneticist, Lekada Wram. Wram’s administrative rule is notable for its isolationist policy with the helovx, where trade is hindered by protectionism, and diplomacy is curtailed by strict non-interventionism.

Committee Member, the Third

The specific duties of the Third Office involve the regulation, promotion, and development of agricultural research, energy production, and the financial and educational welfare of the citizenry. The CM3 is responsible, on a nation-wide level, for foodaxi cultivation, access, and quality. Her office regulates energy production and promotes the national interests of Ramaxia via its natural resources. The CM3 works with Prime Credit to gather, calculate, and disseminate much of the demographic, social and economic data including reports on Ramaxia’s gross domestic product, retail barter, citizenry-compensation, and civic inventory levels.

The Third Office advises the First Officer on matters relating to job creation, and improved living standards, creating infrastructures that promote energy production, imports and exports between the poles, sustainable food developments, and financial stability.

Current CM3 of Ramaxia is Ninth-Gen astrophysicistRasa Jyr. In her position as Third Officer, Jyr has proven herself an advocate for the Bizaki; opinion ratings among the Tenth and Eleventh Gen, rank higher for Jyr than any other Committee Member.

Committee Member, the Fourth

The Fourth Office oversees technology disbursement and regulation, transport development, and all media production and communications. The CM4 is Prime of broadcast licensing and content disbursement, and one of only two citizens allowed to interface with hive Intragux. The Fourth Office is responsible for the all things related to Ramaxian Transportation, as well as all media disbursed between the poles, and to off world bases.

The Fourth Officer advises the First Office on the state of all developing and established transportation systems; as well as the efficient, nation-wide digital communication services. She governs facilities that exist for the purpose of advancing culture and promotes the interests of Ramaxia via its technology.

Current CM4 of Ramaxia is the Ninth-Gen construct-engineer, Tee Banto. Though not the most powerful Committee Member in terms of government administration, her office is the most influential, and is marked by its heavy-handed suppression of news outlets, and blatant propagandizing of history.

Committee Member, the Fifth

It is the goal of Fifth Office to protect the health of all Citizens by overseeing essential Femarctic health services and ensuring the development of future generations. Her duties revolve around life and health research and advancement, hand the continuing education and training standard, for all castes in the medical service. She is also responsible for the Prime Lab and all programs related to hibernation and recycle.

The Fifth Officer advises the First Office on the health and welfare of the citizenry; she administers the Generational Production Department in carrying out approved programs and oversees the registration of citizens to the Zaxiri College, and to other medical and social programs.

Current CM5 of Ramaxia is Ninth-Gen physician, Wox Dag. Dag was the first Bizak to ascend to a Committee position, taking the Fifth Office. Her duties revolve around the health and genetic advancement of the citizenry. Under her tenure, the GPD and the Zaxiri College came under the control of her office, and she was instrumental in the cessation of the male design.