Polar Air Command: Arkelon Class Carrier


Arkelon Class Carriers

The Arkelon lifeforms were added to the fleet fifty years ago, when Delphic Strikers (see below) sent on long range missions, began showing signs of mental and emotional fatigue. Engineered from genetic material harvested from bio-fossilized Protostegidae, Arks come with a shell and exoskeleton made of tharspin. They are surface floaters capable of minimal submersion and designed primarily to contain, deploy, and recover Delphic Striker Clutches. They are capable of hosting divisional flyer life-forms, inorganic Solidification Ships, and other submersible life forms, like Sword Fighters (typically housed on the Toxis Class Submersibles). The Arkelon is designed to carry deployed battalions during a conflict, and is capable of anti-air combat.


Delphic Strikers

Delphic Strikers are cydelphins [cloned monk dolphins with physical and artificial enhancements] designed to serve as combat fighters capable of undersea, and aerial maneuvering. Strikers attack targets with sub-aquatic pulses of sound and connect to their Femarctic pilots via a cyberbiotic unit called, a makodak; this plug connects the pilot physically to the Delphic, while an organic software program fools the Delphic into thinking she’s pregnant. Because of this symbiotic connection, Delphics adhere to particular self-imposed protocols that enable the protection of their pilots.

Striker pilots are chosen carefully, as Delphics are extremely clutch-oriented (there are five to a clutch), and need to be surrounded by their sisters to remain emotionally healthy.