Ramaxia [Antarctica]
Approx Population: 33,000 as of 2223*
Habitable Land: 4.7 million square miles
Kardeshev Scale: Type 2
Major Cities: Vanda, Pikalit, Toxis, Utama, (Orta) | (Mynu), Antarctica City
Central Government: Cloisax`Ramax
Primary Language: Ramaxi

*Helovx are unaware of the Sister-Suicides; they estimate the population at approx. 50,000.

Ramaxia is Ramaxicon’s southernmost continent. It is situated in the Southern Polar region and at roughly 4,00,000 square miles it is the second-largest continent in the 23rd century world. About 89% of Ramaxia is covered by ice (The Prime Ramax) that extends almost entirely over the main continent; the chilly far west, once a peninsula, is now series of temperate islands.