Ramaxia [Antarctica]
Approx Population: 33,000 as of 2223*
Habitable Land: 4.7 million square miles
Kardeshev Scale: Type 2
Major Cities: Vanda, Pikalit, Toxis, Utama, (Orta) | (Mynu), Antarctica City
Central Government: Cloisax`Ramax
Primary Language: Ramaxi

*Helovx are unaware of the Sister-Suicides; they estimate the population at approx. 50,000.

Ramaxia is Ramaxicon’s southernmost continent. It is situated in the Southern Polar region and at roughly 4.70 million square miles it is the second-largest continent in the 23rd century world. About 89% of Ramaxia is covered by ice (The Prime Ramax) that extends almost entirely over the main continent; the chilly far west, once a peninsula, is now series of temperate islands.



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