The Slavic Empire Incident


The Slavic Empire Incident of Bamx 9, 2228 preceded the death of former Prime Citizen of the Tenth Gen, Ilo Cux, and is notable not only for being the first time Ramaxia initiated geographic destruction on a mass scale; it also led to the suicide of Prime Chair Uli Zag, and the promotion of Gid Ikat to the Primaryship of World Oceans.

After the death of Empress Juliana Mikołaj, the Slavic Empire on the Island of Uralskey contained over a thousand inhabitants. Due to their small number and Ramaxian interest in studying their evolution following a nuclear mishap during the Dark Years, the Slavs were given food-replication and water filtering technology.

On Yubol 20, 2228, the creator of the SR-I, Velto Wram, arrived on behalf of the Office of Helovx Advocacy; she brought along her bond-partner, celebrity Ilo Cux. Wram’s mission was to oversee the use of the replication technology and to upgrade it. Wram found that the Slavs had implemented a software that allowed them to interact with the replicator in their own language. Wram purged the software from its systems, and then enacted a operative interface that could only be controlled via wireless connection from Ramaxia.

Wram’s actions, combined with her report indicating that the deceased Empresses’ daughter and heir, Kasimira, identified as a man, led the Second Office and the Citizenry Chamber decree that all technology and support be withdrawn from the Slavic Empire on Bamx 7, 2228.

An extraction order was issued for Ambassador Wram, her bond partner Cux, and the SR-I technology, on Bamx 8, 2228; after an assignment error was caught and logged by Ambassador Prime Pitana Dag, hive Pentox re-assigned the extraction to the first available operative with extensive experience between poles: Komad Sofita Kul of the Femitokon Division.

Arriving in the Slavic Empire, Komad Kul and Donmat Fuzo Dox collected Ambassador Wram and citizen Cux, but were prevented from acquiring access to the SR-I’s key operational components. Komad Kul subsequently discovered that the Slavs had built their own sustenance replicator and were using human flesh as its prime protein source. Ambassador Wram, having been shown evidence of the Slavs perversion of her technology, attempted to notify her Prime, Pitana Dag. This call was re-routed to the Second Office of Lekada Wram. Ambasador Wram explained the situation to CM Wram and demanded full severance with the Slavs, and a desire that the population be punished. CM Wram refused to punish the populace, and ordered Ambassador Wram home with the technology.

During Wram’s exchange with the Second Office, the Slavs, led by Duke Boris Kotko, attempted to seize citizen Cux as a hostage. Donmat Dox protected Cux but was shot in the head; citizen Cux was shot as well. Komad Kul eliminated Kotko and his men after destroying the SR-I. Aboard the Ornithocheirus Five, citizen Cux succumbed to her wounds and was pronounced dead. Ambassador Velto Wram then demanded rod’ntil from Kul; Komad Kul aided Ambassador Wram in accessing Sky-Sister and with the final permission of Prime Chair of World Oceans, Uli Zag, destroyed over 35,602 square miles of land (wiping out Uralskey Island, the Slavic peoples, and their culture).

The Ornithocheirus rendezvous with TCS Orcinus under the Promadship of Bo Kilvx, where Donmat Dox was given medical care by Prime of Femitokon Holistics, Doctor Fyla Uym.

Ambassador Wram returned with the deceased Ilo Cux and after Cux’ recycle, Wram was stripped of her position in the OHA and her company, Wram Constructs, barred from future dealings with helovx-nations.

Komad Sofita Kul was denied advancement in rank for successfully returning the Ambassador first because she specifically entered the Slavic Empire sans her palm-blaster, and ordered her Donmat to do the same; and second was her involvement in comandeering Sky Sister after being confronted with rod’ntil and following through with it while on duty.

Donmat Fuzo Dox sustained a wound to the head while protecting citizen Cux and upon recovery was advanced in rank for performance above and beyond.

Prime Chair Uli Zag was found dead on the surface ice near Orta with a self-inflicted blaster wound to the face; Prime Chair Gid Ikat ascended to the position on Jixak 1, 2228.