Colonial Stations

Station and bases established off-world were ratified as colonial entities warranting representation to the Office of the Sernatae (not the Cloister) in 2228. Though they remain administered by the Ramaxian Interstellar Organization and staffed by Ramaxian World Oceans, citizens living full time off world (and on Kulixa Station where assignment is lifetime service) may elect officials to represent them to the Office of the Sernatae regarding disputes or negotiations with the Committee or other entities in Ramaxia.

Station Kulixa (koo-liks-ah) is a classified base located in continental Australia, a land that no longer carries an helovx population. The station falls under the joint jurisdiction of RIO and Ramaxian World Oceans. Kulixa houses over two hundred permanent Bizak and Hizak citizens, and two battalions of Marixi, from the Polar Air Command. The Prime of Kulixa Station is RIO Secondary Administrator, Tenth-Gen Hizak, Tib Brigitat.

Orbital Station Zkarion (skar-ee-on) is an 1800 square foot station in a halo orbit around the planet, at vix-point (libration-point) 2. Located at the Suva-Ramaxi V2, it is a stationary monitor of the solar-system. Prime of Zkarion is Stellar Engineer and Tenth-Gen Bizak, Pekat Gwo; Secondary of Zkarion is Tenth Gen Bakiprime Pentax Avi.

Orbital Station Zyskarion (siz-kar-ee-on) is a 2400 square foot station that rests at vix-point (libration-point) 4, of the planet Tharso (Mars). The V4 Suva-Tharso point keeps it in orbit with Tharso moons Jal and Galti (Deimos/Phobos), so it can serve as a way station to Tharso. Those assigned to Zyskarion oversee the function of SKY-SYSTER I, an orbital resonate solar-energy canon designed to blast incoming asteroid debris. Prime of Zyskarion is Stellar Engineer and Tenth-Gen Bizak, Riba Nox; Secondary of Zyskarion is Tenth Gen Bakiprime Bulata Wygz.

Tharso bases Galtib I (gall-teeb)and Galtib II, are mining colonies. Galtib I houses two-thousand Bizak citizens, and Hizaki administration (mostly Tenth Gen), and its sole purpose is the extraction of tharspaxi. Galtib II is home to Project Suvaxicon and staffed by fifteen-hundred Bizaki and Subaki, and over eight hundred essential Marixi and Hizaki (mostly Ninth Gen). Prime of Ramaxian Tharso District is Ninth-Gen Hizak Yul Sib; Secondary members of the RTD each serve as Prime of Galtib I and II, respectively. Galtib I Mining Center’s Prime is 10th Gen Bizak Fusax R’lyx, and the Prime of Galtib II is 10th Gen Bizak Ribat Pux.