Yulitat Coup: Ninth Gen Ascension

On Bamx 15, 2186, fugitive Fusa Kul turned herself over to Prime Chair Gilo G’wo, and told Orta there whereabouts of Uli Zag and Gid Ikat. Her twins in the care of her deceased bond’s sib, Wox Dag, Kul declared herself ready to serve her sentence in ISO Main.

In Yuli 2186, Ninth Gen Lekada Wram lodged a formal protest against the Ruling Platform, for overreach in the sentencing of the Ninth’s sole heir to the Primaryship, and vocational censure of the Ninth Gen’s incoming Fifth Office. When Rasa Jyr seconded the protest, and newly elected Gentix Relo supported as its third, Sernatae Yir Gizul moved to proceed. First Office, K’no Wram stated then, in open Cloister, to owning evidence of certain incoming heirs ineligibility on moral grounds. Lekada walked out of the session, followed by Rasa Jyr, and every Ninth Gen CR and Aid; only Yir Gizul remained. The Ninth Gen Hizak, Bizaki, and Subaki in Cloister service vacated their offices, in protest.

While imprisoned in an Orta holding cell, Fusa Kul, including Zag and and Ikat, convened her allies throughout Orta Command and had them clandestinely recall every Ninth Gen Marixi back to Orta. After speaking to each one individually, Kul, Ikat, and Zag, convinced their fellow Ninth Gen Marixi that following hibernation, they would take Ramaxia from their elders in the Sixth.

When Ninth Gen politicians failed to arrive at the Third Cloister Session of the year, the Ruling Platform ordered the Sernatae to vacate the ascension of the Ninth Gen. Sernatae Gizul refused, and Primary Kul ordered her arrested; the Axyrn refused to carry out the order and mounted a defense by standing around Gizul, to protect her. The Cloister telecast was rolling, and Ixo and her Committee realized then that they’d lost the support of the own gen, and their elders in the Fifth. Sernatae Gizul attempted to mend the situation by setting a special session for Yulitat; she’d assure the Ninth Gen of the Chamber to return.

After hibernation, 2186, Fusa Kul, Gid Ikat, Tux Tol, Tyle Hibz, Daka Kil, Odax Itat, Kurgo Itad, and Uli Zag led the Ninth Gen Marixi in the taking of Orta. The Ninth took the elder officers prisoner and closed down all connections in and out of Orta Main. Unaware of Fusa’s insurrection, Primary Ixo Kul and her Committee attend a special Yulitat session in Cloister. The only Ninth Gen in attendance is fallen politician Ryo Uym. On behalf of Prime Chair Fusa Kul, Ryo demanded an audience with the Ruling Platform, and members of the Chamber, to discuss an equitable timetable for ascension. After tempers had settled, Primary Kul refused to meet with Fusa, with support from her Committee. The session was interrupted then by Pentox, announcing the self-termination of Prime Chair Gilo G’wo, and the promotion of Primepromad Fusa Kul to Prime Chair of Orta.

Days later, Opix Uym and Ilyu Jyr were dispatched to negotiate; but both Committee members lost their life in a transport accident on the way. As the nation mourned, CM Eppis Dag approached Primary Kul and encouraged her to meet with Fusa, for the sake of the twin donata, and Wox (Eppis Dag cared deeply for Wox Dag). Primary Kul was adamant to not give in, but K’no Wram realized they had little choice when Rasa Jyr and Ryo Uym arrived at their Committee meeting, having been sworn in as ascended members (taking their maker’s places).

Ixo Kul, K’no Wram, Eppis Dag, and J’lo Banto entered Orta on the morning of Jixak 5, 2186. According to official reports, Ixo Kul suffered a heart attack during the negotiations, and according to J’lo Banto and Eppis Dag, K’no Wram self-terminated when Primary Kul was unable to be revived. Documented evidence showed that J’lo Banto and Eppis Dag sought help from Femtrux on the last day of Yulitat, only to have the lifeform remind them of her neutrality. The pair resigned from the Committee at the last Cloister Session of 2186 and handed over control of Ramaxia to the Ninth Ramaxian Generation.