Yulitat Coup: Justified Discipline

In Bamx of 2184, Promad Fusa Kul incurred the ire of Primary Ixo Kul by bonding to her birthers donation, Fee Banto. Ixo had ordered Fusa to sever her relationship with the freeborn Zaxir, and when Ixo learned that the pair not only hadn’t ended it, but were living together in a Vanda residence registered to BEB Prime Chair Tee Banto, she called Fusa to her estate in Utama.

Furious, Ixo used her position as Primary and rescinded Fusa’s Promadship of the TCS Kasko. Last standing at her Final Trial, Fusa was in a position to lodged a complaint with the Office of Marixi Administration. Unwilling to air illicit familial grievances in front of strangers at Marixi Administration, K’no Wram (Ixo’s First Officer) offered Kul an advance to the rank to Primekomad and a transfer to the lucrative Surface Operational, all Fusa needed to do was drop her complaint and accept the lost of the Kasko. Fusa readily accepted, and signed off on the deal, failing to realize her powerful new station meant permanently residing in Antarctica City. When Fee Banto applied for bonded residency to move to Antarctica City with Fusa, her application was denied for being waxam; pregnant Fee was forced to live with her friend Lekada Wram because her elder J’lo Banto would not allow her to return the estate in Vanda.

In Jixak of 2184, a Ramaxian citizen left the mainland with the Ambassador of Australia; when it was unclear if the citizen was a prisoner or a willing deserter, CM K’no Wram ordered Australia to return her. Before the message could reach Australian authorities, Primekomad Fusa Kul led a mission out Antarctica City to reacquire the citizen. As her superiors attempted to intervene, young Kul created a geological cataclysm that crippled the helovx-nation; she then ordered the Fleet under her command to surround the continent, and leave no survivors. Back in Orta, Primary Kul and CM J’lo Banto stripped Fusa Kul of her command, right before her scheduled hibernation. After the hibernation season, on the first of Yulitat, 2184, Fusa Kul was taken into custody pending a hearing on her insubordinate actions. Gid Ikat was also charged, as was Uli Zag. While Fusa and Ikat and Zag, remained in ISO at the start of 2185, Fusa’s pregnant bond convinced then Implantation Specialist Riba Wygz, to implant Fee with her and Fusa’s donux.

Secondary Chair of the GDP, Wox Banto took on the name of her dead bond-partner, Pita Dag, and then implanted herself with their donux. Wox nullified her bond to her other partners, Rasa Jyr and Pel Ru, and with the Banto Sealer carried a donation to term. Wox couldn’t register her hizakidoe because she was not a birthing member of the Zaxiri College. Wox entered the offices of the Zaxiri College, two days after her donation was born, and used her code as a Primada member of the GPD to access the deceased birther delayed registration interface. Wox acquired a gen-code for her donation from Oligax but was witnessed by staff while doing so.

In the middle of the production year, Ryo Uym was forced to step down as CR of Utama after the suicide of Tavi Ukel. The Bizak had been involved in a relationship with Uym and others, but had allegedly produced with Ukel without her permission. Tavi was from the prominent Line Ukel, and they brought evidence before the Axyrn of Ryo’s Predator and Prey relationship with Tavi, and how Uym had mentally and physically abused the Bizak until she couldn’t think for herself. While the Sernatae investigated, Tavi Ukel was taken from her residence and ended up in the Utama highrise of Ryo Uym. Tavi jumped from the balcony to her death in 2185, before the birth of first donation with Uym. Ryo Uym testified that she and Tavi prepared to bond, and had produced witnesses (Fee Banto, and Lekada Wram) to testify; the pregnant Zaxir carrying their donation (unborn Fyla Uym) testified that Tavi did indeed agreed to a bond with she and Uym. The damage to Ryo’s reputation forced her to step down as CR of Utama.

Returning to legal advocacy in Orta, Ryo chose to defend her friend Fusa Kul against charges leveled at her by the Primary. During the tribunal, Fusa Kul testified that she took on enacting the Kulixa Objective (the removal of the helovx in Australia) after losing Pita Dag in the Rubo Tragedy. Uym defended Kul’s reckless acts, born out of grief and twisted in anger at the Primary’s attempt to destroy Fusa’s bondship to Fee Banto. The Prime Chair of Orta, Gilo G’wo, sentenced Kul, Gid Ikat, and Uli Zag, to life in ISO Main. (Ikat and Zag admitted to following orders and would not rebuke Kul’s actions). Ryo Uym pleaded for Kul to have the right to attend the birth of her donation(s) before leaving for Northern Polar ISO. G’wo granted it, but during the delivery, Fee Banto died. While in the birthing center, Ryo aided Fusa in escaping custody; Fusa then collected Ikat and Zag from custody before disappearing.

The First Cloister Session of 2186 began with charges leveled at Wox Dag. Testifying in open Cloister, Wox admitted to using her creation, the Banto Sealer, to birth her donation. Wox then claimed to access the deceased birther delayed registration interface only to acquire gen-codes for the twins of the late Fee Banto. Presented with recordings of herself gaining a gen-code for her hizakidoe, Wox refused to speak further in open Cloister. The Sixth Gen Prime of the Generational Production Department, Yir Dox, demanded Wox’ removal as Secondary; the Committee unanimously agreed.