Yulitat Coup: Cloister Contention

Despite ongoing male-collections in Ramaxia, free-births continued to occur among scheduled Ninth-Gen. Many zaxiri planned to deliver free-births during a Tenth scheduled production, compelling the Sixth Gen-led Zaxiri College to deny birther-numbers to any zaxiri forgoing implantation. Protesting this edit, many Ninth Gen refrained from donating their patches, which led to a DNA shortage during the Patch Design Phase.

During the last Cloister session of 2183, the Committee put forth a motion barring free birth donations registration as Tenth Gen citizens; Representatives Ryo UymRasa Jyr, and Lekada Wram challenged the motion and successfully quashed it. Primary After this, Fifth Office Opix Uym addressed the GPD’s current patch deficiency by demanding compulsory patch collection among the Ninth-Gen. Tempers flared when the Ruling Platform supported her motion, and the Ninth-led Chamber rejected it. The new Sernatae, Yir Gizul, delayed the vote on Uym’s mandate until the next session.

Outside the Cloister, CR Rasa Jyr spoke negatively of the Sixth, calling them kermatic-bullies happy to overstep their bounds. Jyr’s statements were the first time a Representative spoke poorly of a Ruling Gen in the media. Due to Ninth Gen Tee Banto’s careful manipulation of news outlets, more disparaging remarks followed, such as CR Lekada Wram accusing the Sixth of overstaying their welcome

CR Ryo Uym exposed the actual reason for the Sixth’s rejection of free-born registrations in an open letter to the citizenry. First, she apologized to all Hizaki for her base verbiage, citing it necessary for their lesser citizens:

The Sixth Gen hoped to afford their Seventh-Gen nobodies the right to employment by deceiving Femtrux with these Vocational-Code Protocols. Femtrux delivered these codes, but she produced a finite amount. There was never enough for any free-born Ninth, so custodians applied some of them from recycled Seventh, ensuring some free-born Ninth a means to survive. Our makers were too busy patting themselves on the back for saving the Seventh to remember that we are their donations, too. 

The Sixth protects the free-borns they made by denying the ones made by the Ninth. Femtrux ordained the Ninth Ramaxian Generation to rectify the imbalance caused by a Seventh generation. No free-born citizen of the Ninth should lack a code because some Seventh got it first. 

Ryo Uym’s outing the Vocational Code’s poor administration had an immediate effect. Citizenry opinion of the Ruling Gen fell to all-time lows. Things became worse when portions of their private lives began appearing in the media, much to the delight of their largest critics, the still living Fifth Ramaxian Gen.

The Sixth hoped to turn things around by announcing the arrival of the first tonnage of tharspaxi from Tharso. Unfortunately, on Dubol 8, 2184, the Rubo IV, her ten thousand ton cargo and two-member crew, were burned up in the atmosphere trying to land. Also killed trying to save them was Pita Dag (secondary heir to the Primaryship).

Primary Ixo Kul and her Committee took advantage of the Citizenry Session to inform the Sernatae that they would not be stepping down from rule until the scheduled Ninth-Gen agreed to donate their patches and accept that pregnancies outside the planned productions as voided. In the ensuing debate, the Ruling Gen platform demanded the Sernatae confer with Femtrux.

On Bamx 3, 2184, Femtrux, when asked to confer on the matters at hand, officially reminded Gizul of her compliance in remaining neutral in all political and reproductive affairs.