Yulitat Coup: Cloister Contention

Despite the ongoing male-collections throughout Ramaxia, free-births continued to occur among the scheduled Ninth-Gen. When it became apparent that many Zaxiri planned to deliver free-births during a scheduled production of the Tenth, the Sixth Gen led Zaxiri College declared they would issue no birther number for any Zaxiri planning to forgo implantation in favor carrying a free birth. In protest, many Ninth Gen citizens refrained from donating patches, and this led to a DNA shortage during the Patch Design Phase of the Tenth Ramaxian Gen.

In the last Cloister session of 2183, the Committee put forth a motion barring free birth donations born during a birth year registered as a Tenth Ramaxian Gen; it met with a challenge from CR Ryo Uym, CR Rasa Jyr, and CR Lekada Wram. The Chamber quashed the motion, prompting Primary Ixo Kul to address the GPD’s current deficiency of viable patches. When Kul demanded compulsory patch collection among the Ninth-Gen, tempers flared. The new Sernatae, Yir Gizul, delayed the vote on the Primary’s request until next session.

Outside the Cloister, CR Rasa Jyr was the first to speak negatively of the Sixth, calling them kermatic-bullies that overstepped their bounds as Femtrux had, during the Patch WarsIt is the first time speaking poorly of a Ruling Gen was so freely broadcast, thanks to Ninth Gen Tee Banto’s careful manipulation of news outlets. CR Lekada Wram took to the media to accuse the Sixth of overstaying their welcome, but CR Ryo Uym had exposed the actual reason for the Sixth’s rejection of free-born registrations in an open letter to the citizenry. Uym apoligzed first to all Hizaki about to read her take on the latest Cloister drama, as her verbiage would be one that even a bruiser and belly would understand.

The Sixth Gen’s plan to afford their Seventh-Gen nobodies the right to employment exists by way of deceiving Femtrux during the creation of Vocational-Code Protocols. Femtrux delivered the codes enabling the Seventh a means of interacting with the Collective by way of wage procurement. When Femtrux produced a finite amount of codes, the Sixth Gen didn’t panic, after all, there’d be enough to cover their precious Seventh Gen!

Lucky for them there weren’t Ninth Gen free-births to compete for codes. Ninth Gen custodians chose to apply the Vocational Codes of recycled Seventh to free-born Ninth because this how a generation takes care of itself in the face of makers that couldn’t care less about them.

Now the Sixth Gen panic in the face of free births in the upcoming Tenth. They’re fiscally unbalanced because there’s too many Seventh Gen with codes meant for the Ninth, and as always, they expect us in the Ninth, to sacrifice.

The effects of Uym’s outing the Vocational Code’s poor administration were immediate. Citizenry opinion of the Ruling Gen fell to all-time lows. Finding their policies tried in the press, things became worse when portions of their private lives began appearing in the media, much to the delight of their largest critics, those Fifth Ramaxian Gen still living. The Sixth had hoped to turn things around by announcing the arrival of the first tonnage of tharspaxi from Tharso.

  • Unfortunately, on Dubol 8, 2184, the Rubo IV, her ten thousand ton cargo and two-member crew, were burned up in the atmosphere trying to land. Destroyed while trying to save them was astronaut (and secondary heir to the Primaryship of the Ninth) Pita Dag (heir of Eppis Dag).

After a year of quarrelsome Cloister sessions, the issue of allowing Zaxiri the right to register their their free births remained unsettled. Primary Ixo Kul and her Committee took advantage of the Citizenry Session (the third session of the year) to inform the Sernatae that they would not be stepping down from rule until the scheduled Ninth-Gen agreed to donate their patches, and accept that pregnancies outside the planned productions be forfeit. In the ensuing debate, the Ruling Gen platform demanded the Sernatae confer with Femtrux.On Bamx 3, 2184, Femtrux agreed to an audience with the Ruling Platform and the CR Chamber. When asked to confer on the matters at hand, Femtrux officially referred Gizul to her compliance in remaining neutral in all political and reproductive affairs.