The Yulitat Coup

The Yulitat Coup of 2186 is the unofficial name given to the ascendency of the Ninth Ramaxian Gen in 2187. The unprecedented power-grab occurred in part due to Femtrux agreeing in 2162 to complete neutrality in the political and reproductive affairs of the citizenry.

The Ninth Gen Heirs of the Sixth Ruling Platform

Before the heirs came to prominence, young Fusa Kul remained a stranger to her kerma, Ixo Kul. The unsavory details of her creation had led Primary Ixo Kul to place the marixidoe in a Caste-Center. Ixo and Fusa finally met in 2181, when Ixo’s prime bond, Uta Banto, discovered that her donation (born before her bond to Ixo), a Zaxir free-birth named Fee Banto began seeing young Fusa, romantically. Uta had given birth to Fee and Fusa, so Uta’s sibox J’lo (Fee’s custodian and Committee Member) refused to support the relationship. Ixo made herself known to Fusa in hopes that the young Marix would do the right then and end the relationship. Upon meeting Ixo, Fusa agreed to cease relations with Fee, and Ixo rewarded Fusa by advancing her military career.

In 2182, popular RIO administrator Rasa Jyr (heir of Ilu Jyr) won the CR seat of Pikalit Prime in a landslide election. Her move into politics had been orchestrated by her kerma (Committee Member Jyr) who had been unhappy with Rasa’s romantic relationship with fellow gen-heir Pita Dag. The Marix space pilot cared nothing for politics and wanted to take Hizak Rasa with her into space. Despite Rasa’s victory and move to Pikalit, she bonded to Pita, a longtime lover named Pel Ru, and  shared lover Wox Banto (also a gen heir). On Yulitat 5, 2182, Ninth-Gen physician Wox Banto (true heir of J’lo Banto) became the first Bizak to earn the Secondary Chair of the Generational Production Department, after she bonded with Dag, Jyr, and Subak, Pel Ru.

Also that year, Vanda resident Tee Banto (a donation of J’lo Banto), introduced the ‘Bizak Entertainment Bureau – Broadcast Lastercaster.’ and was promoted to Prime Chair of the Bizaki Entertainment Bureau. In Yuli of that year, Administrator Prime of Tib & Wram Constructs, Lekada Wram (heir of K’no Wram), the creator of the Arkelon Class lifeform, acquired the CR seat of West Toxis after election winner Jidal Dox was found guilty of creditor fraud.

In 2183, legal advocate Ryo Uym (heir of Opix Uym) won the Citizenry-Representative seat of Utama, giving the Ninth Gen a majority in the Chamber, whose denizens were reeling from the death of Sixth-Gen Sernatae Yax Gizul. Gizul had died in Yulitat of 2182 of an intestinal infection, from consuming unripened gabishol. Her donation, Ninth-Gen Administrator Prime of Mynu, Yir Gizul, ascended to her position.