The Perth Incident

The Perth Incident of Jixak 20, 2184 preceded the Australian Genocide and is notable for being one of the precursors to the Yulitat Coup (along with the Rubo Tragedy, and removal of Dr. Wox Dag from service to the Generational Production Department).

In 2180, an agent of the Australian Security Intelligence Organization (ASIO) was sent to Ramaxia as an ambassador, with a false background and a set mission: to learn about continental life, and find a weakness. The agent’s name was Mylie White. White engaged in an affair with a high-level administrative clerk named Ubo Litx; in the course of their relationship, Litx inadvertently shared information about the space program, the location of their seafloor stations, and the existence of Sky Sister. Most damaging was White’s knowledge Ramaxia’s hibernation schedules.

Upon discovery of the affair, in Yulitat 2183, Litx lost her position in the office of Ambassador Gentix Relo. Recalled to Utama, Litx faced censure by the Second Office of the Committee followed by her removal from the Office of Helovx Advocacy. Returning to Ramaxia Primada in Yubol of 2184, Litx was demoted by the Office of Marixi administration to a position in water treatment. Finding White still assigned, they continued their affair, but Litx remained unaware of Guardia scrutiny. After Litx had been seen engaging in coitus with White, OHA Prime and Second Office of the Committee, K’no Wram, ordered the ousting White from Ramaxia Primada. Suspecting her ejection imminent, White convinced Litx that the two of them should leave and live together in Australia.

On Jixak 20, 2184, Axyrn Agents arrived to collect White for removal to Surface Quarantine. Litx smuggled herself aboard the shuttlecraft, and after locking the guards in their holding bay, she sedated the shuttle’s pilot with a drink. Litx got White off the shuttle and the pair absconded with a docked excursion floater, and sailed it out of Southern Polar waters. Concerned by what was now an international incident, Ambassador Relo contacted CR of Utama, Ryo Uym*, informing her that the Second Office lost an OHA administrator to a suspected helovx agent. Uym in turn contacted Primepromad Fusa Kul, in Antarctica City, informing her that Ubo Litx had just left Ramaxia Primada with a known spy. While the pair discussed taking it to Kul’s superiors, the Second Office sent an official radio wave communication to Australia’s government, demanding the return of Litx.

  • The Ninth Gen’s political struggle with the Sixth played a part in Relo’s contacting Uym, and Uym’s notifying Kul. 

Out at sea, Litx had been unaware that White planned a rendezvous with additional ASIO agents at Heard Peak; upon meeting up with their submarine, the ASIO jailed Litx. Upon hearing a Port Antarctica advisory broadcast, White and her team realized that World Oceans knew of Litx’s departure. The ASIO team spent the next 24 hours struggling to outrun Promad Uli Zag, of the TCS Kasko.

When White and cohorts reached the coast of New Perth at 2 am, Litx escaped her cabin and slaughtered them. Litx scuttled submarine after recording a message on her Maruk. Upon receiving the transmission, Intragux uploaded it to Pentox who in turn made it available to Primepromad Kul, now aboard the Kasko. Confronted with proof that Litx went willingly, Kul ignored the communication. When Promad Zag refused to ignore it, Kul dismissed her from the bridge.