Citizens Catalog

The Citizens Catalog is a detailed eugenic database containing concise birth information for every citizen born in Ramaxia, and details exact pedigree charts that establish genetic kindred. It was created by the Zaxiri of the Fifth Gen after the induction of Femarctic Males in the Sixth led to unscheduled pregnancies, deceased makers, and abandoned donations. The CitCat can be accessed via appointment at the main campus of the Zaxiri College, in Toxis Prime.

The release of information in the CitCat is one way: a citizen can search her catalog information to find those that made her, but she cannot obtain information on any citizens created from her donated patch. When a citizen enters the main campus for her appointment, she must register with the attendants responsible for processing her visit. Upon quick review and clearance, she’s shown to a viewing room with an enclosed interface chamber where she can sit review her listing in complete privacy. Upon entry, Oligax scans her to retrieve files related to her Gen-Code. If letters precede the numbers in a gen-code, these identifiers relate hereditary-rule.

The most recent casti (photo) is displayed is the information page. For Marixi it is the service-identification taken at the time of their current assignment. Bizaki casti are the same ones taken for labor-union ID, and for Hizaki, their Mynu-Exit Exam casti.

Zaxiri and Subaki casti update every year because new images are required before semi-annual physical exams. Below each identification casti is three icons. When clicked, each reveal maker and birther information. The first is Kermatic; the name of the citizen or citizens, responsible for the kermadonic-patch used to create the motile cell organisms. The second is the Makodonic, the citizen whose makodonic patch was combined with the base genetic material from a previous gen, to create a diploid-cell. The third icon contains Birther information, the citizen implanted with the donux created from motile cell fertilization of the diploid. Some Zaxiri birth their donations and will appear as Makodonic and Birther, while some deliver for friends or extended family; most choose donuxi created from blind-patches. Clicking these icons takes citizens to their maker’s catalog page, where she can click through her makers ‘maker-icons’, and trace her genetic pedigree.

Citizens request access mostly between the years of 19 and 21, to acquire their siboxi- and sibtoxi brackets. The names of citizens sharing a birther, mak, or kerma with the catalog subject, are listed in brackets at the bottom of the page. Many citizens do this for a variety of reasons, but the motivating factor is sex. A femmar will avoid sexual relations with others created by the same kermadonic and makodonic patch. This aversion to incest is so strong that citizens abstain from romantic or sexual relationships even with citizens of a once-removed sibtox (a cousin), or genetic strangers born of the same birther.

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