The Free Birth Era

A Free-Birth is a femmar born outside the jurisdiction of the Generational Production Department, in the years between 2140 and 2185. ‘Free-Births’ are the direct result of Bizak, Hizak, Subak, and Zaxir citizens, being impregnated by Femarctic Males. Natural conception by way of a male sire is the defining criteria of free-birth.

  • Free births have no known physical shortcomings, however, GPD studies presented during the vote to implement the Balanced Citizenry Act maintain that while free-births excel beyond the boundaries of their caste-designation, they exhibit higher degrees of psychological, and emotional, instability. Challenging these studies is the suggestion that higher incidents of abnormal anxiety among free-births stem from how they are treated by others, for being free-born.

Upon the prime evolution of Femtrux, free-births ceased being recognized by hive Oligax, leading to the disenfranchisement of the entire Seventh Gen, the only gen ever born outside a scheduled process. After the Patch Wars had produced a Ninth Gen, and during the production of a Tenth, manual registration of seven free-births occurred.

In 2185, then Secondary Chair of the GPD, Wox Dag, registered an hizakidoe* she delivered safely using her to her Banto Sealer. Dag utilized a backdoor program within Oligax meant to assign gen codes to donations whose birthers died in delivery. After Dag had registered her donation, six other free-born Tenth-Gen acquired codes in the same manner, and when Dag attempted to register the twin donations of the Primary (their birther was deceased), Oligax ceased donation registration functions after registering one.

  • Tenth-Gen Ambassador Prime of Ramaxia, Pitana Dag, is considered one of ‘the Eight,’ registered, but she is not considered a free-birth having been created from traditional patches combined by Oligax; her Bizak maker Wox Dag, chose to implant herself and deliver her donation, the year of the planned production of the Tenth-Ramaxian Gen.

While delivering the Tenth Ramaxian Gen, birthing centers were under strict orders to euthanize males, but many Subaki charge nurses were unwilling, and some slipped through the cracks. Many Tenth-Gen males were freeborn, and eventually collected for Retraining by the GPD. After the cessation of the male design, free-births ended with the implementation of the Balanced Citizenry Act. There are no free-births in the Eleventh Ramaxian Generation of 2210-2211, nor does this gen contain males.

The Eight Freeborn of the Tenth Ramaxian Gen
(in order by birthdate)

  • Pitana Dag (Hizak) (Yubol 2, 2185) (Registered Jixak 1, 2185)
    • Disputed – as there is no male involvement with her creation
  • Koba Julo (Bizak) (Yubol 10, 2185) (Registered Jixak 13, 2185)
  • Bam Yuxi (Marix) (Yubol 15, 2185) (Registered Jixak 14, 2185)
  • Yulia Utat (Subak) (Yubol 22, 2185) (Registered Jixak 15, 2185)
  • Ilo Cux (Zaxir) (Yulitat 1, 2185) (Registered Ramx 2, 2186)
  • Kil Itad (Zaxir) (Yulitat 3, 2185) (Registered Ramx 3, 2186)
  • Hib Perkad (Zaxir) (Yulitat 7, 2185) (Registered Ramx 4, 2186)
  • Sofita Kul (Hizak) (Yulitat 15, 2185) (Registered Ramx 14, 2186)

Femarctic Males