Vosk Glacial Fairgrounds

The Vosk Glacial Fairgrounds is a sports and entertainment complex located on the highest point of the northeastern ridge of the Prime Ramax. The colorful three-tier structure is covered with stained dirtoxian-glass and covers 3.333 hectares (or 8200 acres), and is designed to seat 80,000 citizens, but is often transitioned to seat a maximum of 40,000 citizens.

  • The Fairgrounds saw its largest audience during the podcresting final between the Pikalit Tharspinners and the Vanda Megalodons, in 2163. The seats held approximately 57,000 femmar of the Fifth, disenfranchised Seventh, and the Sixth with their Ninth Gen donats.

The second level of the Fairgrounds is above seating. Level 2 contains dozens of paxo establishments, hizix bars, and in the last ten years, many square gardens. The top tier of the Fairgrounds is Level 3 is covered with thin dirtoxian glass and houses one of the world’s largest isurus* rinks open to citizens that wish to skate the ice with friends and family. Level 3 also contains a snow resort so citizens can ride their surface transports or single-operator glides, sheltered from the tundra winds. The rink sees its largest patronage in the years following the production of a generation; and the Transport Resort is mostly for citizens preparing to earn Carrier Permission cards.

  • The ‘Ramaxian Ice Skate,’ or Isurus, is a glacier gliding boot with a non-conservative gravitational field (with non-zero curl) attached to the sole. The narrow energy field propels the bearer across a sheet of ice, and unlike traditional helovx ‘ice skates’, there is little damage to surface ice.

In the middle of her rule, Primary Pitana Kul commissioned the construction of the immense ice-arena, able to house her entire gen and their elders. Kul encouraged privateers to ‘scout’ failed Final-Trialists because she wanted to do away with Surface Walker program in Orta. Kul felt that citizenry-sanctioned sports programs had given failed Marixi a more productive way of channeling their natural aggression, allowing them a sense of pride, and accomplishment.

Today, many Femarctic sports (and entertainment events) take place in halved portions of the Fairgrounds, often concurrently. The most popular games played are the Isurus Relays and Podcresting.

RAMAXIDOL (The Femarctic Era)