The Stellar Kyronic Yaw is an orbital satellite equipped with two operable amplification networks designed to destroy planetary and extrasolar space debris. The first is a cannon composed of thousands of beams of kyrsat energy that when activated, converge to operate as one powerful beam. The secondary network is a guided system of magnetically ionized kyron particles that when condensed, form a protective layer around a beam of pure kyrsat, guiding it into a planet’s oxygen-rich atmosphere to strike targets on the surface.

In 2105, after the development of Kyron Energy, the Poltava II, launched by the Second Ramaxian Gen, carried a small scale prototype called the Stellar Kyronic Cannon. Members of the team used the maneuverable SKC to destroy over 4 tons of orbital debris left by the planet’s former dominant life, the helovx. Concerns over future impact events prompted scientists of the Fifth Gen to build a larger self-contained unit to be remotely controlled via the prime lifeform, Femtrux. In 2125 the Stellar Kyronic Yaw was brought online and sent into orbit.

In the era of the Sixth Gen, it was christened Sky Sister and tested in the belt between Tharso (Mars) and Ramarixicon (Jupiter), where it successfully destroyed celestial objects with decaying stationary drifts. In the era of the Ninth Gen, RIO designers Rasa Jyr and Pik Jakix were tasked to create a similar kyron powered cannon that could punch a precise hole through the thick glacial crust of Suvayul (Enceladus). The pair fitted Sky Sister with a small-scale ice cannon program designed to emit ray kyrsat that would be protected from atmospheric pressure by magnetically ionized kyron particles. In 2190 they tested the cannon on the southern polar cap of Tharso, and the following year work began on a larger Kyronic Yaw bound for Suvaxicon.


On 9 Bamx, 2228, Sky Syster was used to strike Ramaxicon in the Baltic Ocean.

Known as the Slavic Empire Incident, future Third Office in Wait (10the Gen), the Ambassador Velto Wram, enlisted future Primary in Wait for the Tenth, acting Komad Sofita Kul, to fire upon Uralskey Island. SOD agent Kul discovered that the helovx living there had been processing newborn fetal tissue through a Femarctic SR-I. Knowledge of this incursion then led to the death of former Prime Citizen of Ramaxia, Ilo Cux, who’d been on the island with her spouse Wram. It destroyed all of Uralskey, submerged islands throughout the Mediterranean Shallows for months, and rocked ISO Main in the northern polar Ramaxatae.