The Pulser is an upper limb orthosis developed during the era of the Second Ramaxian Gen to take down large predatory animals between the poles. Made of lightweight reinforced dirul (h. polymer) a Pulser’s delivery system is similar to the tiny finger-worn devices called ‘Pinches,’ used by Health Centers to administer medication into the body by poking through the hide.

Pulser’s slide over the forearm and hand, so that the elongated pulse-chamber sits on top of the wrist. The trigger is a strap of fabric in the palm of the wearer’s hand what’s pulled when the wearer makes a fist. It fires a toroid of particle-rich plasma laced with alpha-bungarotoxin, a non-lethal paralyzing agent. Pulser’s do have a lethal setting (TIL) that emits plasma without alpha-bungs; this setting is rarely is used.